Link to Virginia Performs

We encourage state webmasters to include a link ( to Virginia Performs on state websites and we invite you to use one of our web/screen logos as a button. You may include the buttons as stand-alone or include text as desired, such as:

Visit Virginia Performs to find out how the Commonwealth measures up.

Web Logos

Each logo below is a Web-ready .gif file. Right-click (PC) or click-hold (Mac) on the image and select Save from the menu that appears.

Virginia Performs small web logo Virginia Performs small weblogo with URL

Virginia Performs medium weblogo Virginia Performs medium weblogo with URL

Virginia Performs large weblogo Virginia Performs large weblogo with URL

Print Logos

Two logos are available at 300 dpi in TIFF format for printing. Click on the link, not the thumbnail, to download the files.

Virginia Performs small weblogo with URL download tif file (48 kb)

Virginia Performs large weblogo with URL download tif file (48 kb)

Logo Policy and Guidelines

Please note that these graphics may not be used in a way that implies a sponsorship of, or endorsement by Virginia Performs, or that can be interpreted to suggest editorial content has been authored by or represents the views or opinions of Virginia Performs, or to promote any commercial product or service, or in any other way that violates applicable law.

No changes may be made to the design, proportion, typeface, color or other attributes of the chosen logo. You may not combine any Virginia Performs logo with any other graphic.

The Virginia Performs logo is copyrighted by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Although permission to use these logos is implicit in these pages, we reserve the right to rescind such permission if our stated logo policy is abused and/or our stated reproduction standards ignored.