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'Sex Bracelets' Cause Parental Concern

Some Teens Said To Use Bracelets To Signal Sexual Intentions

POSTED: 3:29 pm EST November 19, 2003
UPDATED: 10:55 am EST November 20, 2003

A fashion accessory may have a lot more meaning than you realize for your teenager.

Jelly bracelets are making a comeback. But instead of a fashion statement, they may be making a statement about your kid's sex life, the station said.

Madonna wore them in the '80s. Now, teen pop star Avril Lavigne has an armful, and singer Pink sports rainbow-colored rubber wear, and your little girl may have them, too.

Only this time these jelly bracelets have a new nickname: sex bracelets. "There's a whole bunch of people at school that wear them but I don't wear them," seventh-grader Darissa Hamilton said.

These bendable pieces of colorful rubber have a whole new unwholesome meaning: They're a sexual code to many teens.

Some colors mean different things, and people wear them for that reason. Here's a common breakdown:

  • Yellow: hugging

  • Purple: kissing

  • Red: lap dance

  • Blue: oral sex

  • Black: the full monty
  • In a game called "snap," if a boy breaks a jelly bracelet off a girl's wrist, he basically gets a sexual coupon for that act.

    "I heard they mean all different things and that if a guy breaks it -- well it means different things," Hamilton said. "If you snatch the bracelet you have to perform the act."

    Hamilton told her mom about the game.

    "I was extremely surprised. Who would think of something like that and then make it into a bracelet," she said.

    It's become such a problem in some middle schools in Florida that districts started banning the bracelets.

    If your daughter is wearing one of these bracelets, it certainly doesn't mean she's having sex, following through on the snap game, or even knows about the code.

    But experts say it's a good opportunity for you to have an important conversation about sex, what you think is acceptable and what's best for your family.

    A new study from Teen People magazine showed that 54 percent of girls ages 13-19 are having sex.

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