Piatt Park

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Park Description

Piatt, Cincinnati's first park, was given to the city by brothers John M. and Benjamin M. Piatt in 1817 "for a market space." In 1868, the park was dedicated as Eighth Street Park, and later became known for a period as Garfield Park, because of the statue of James A. Garfield, twentieth President of the United States, which stands in the park area. Another memorial in the park is the Harrison Equestrian Statue, commemorating the President from Ohio, Indian fighter, Northwest Territory governor, and "Mr Cincinnati" himself. The official name of the Piatt Park was adopted by the Board of Park Commissioners in 1940.

The Garfield Statue was executed by the Cincinnati sculptor, Charles H. Niehaus, and the Harrison Statue was executed by Louis T. Robins.

Piatt Park was recently renovated. Improvements included new plantings and the relocation of the presidential statues. Garfield was moved to Vine Street and Harrison to Elm Street. New benches and seat-walls were also installed. The City of Cincinnati paid for the renovation while businesses along the Park's adjacent streets pay for the ongoing maintenance of the park.

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Visiting Piatt Park :

1 Garfield Pl.
Cincinnati , OH   45202
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