uscg.pngUnited States Coast Guard (USCG)

The USCG uses PIER nationwide to provide daily public information, respond to emergencies, and coordinate communications among public affairs offices.

BP utilizes PIER for public communications, issues management and emergency response at facilities through North America, such as their Cherry Point Refinery. The company has also implemented PIER for targeted communication to retirees, saving thousands of dollars per year in communication costs.
 gema.pngOffice of Homeland Security - Georgia Emergency Management Agency (OHS-GEMA)

As host of the 2004 G-8 Summit, OHS-GEMA used PIER as the Joint Information Center communications tool, allowing over 100 users from 30 agencies in three locations to collaborate.
 shell.jpgShell Oil Company

By utilizing PIER's 'site family' capabilities, Shell has been able to address specific communication requirements while building an enterprise solution that is flexible, consistent and cost-effective.
 kcdem.pngKitsap County Department of Emergency Management

Kitsap has established PIER as their standard for response communications, as well as, daily public communications with various stakeholders.

By implementing PIER as a standard communications platform, the various comms teams at Marathon have a consistent set of tools for creating, approving and distributing public communications.
 usda.pngUnited States Department of Agriculture - USDA

The USDA has implemented PIER to meet their COOP requirements and to establich virtual JICs for responses from avian flu to mad cow to wildfire season.
Enbridge Energy

The pipeline proposal process needs a comprehensive and balanced information source, a "Virtual information clearinghouse" providing comprehensive and balanced information becomes crucial for project acceptance. With PIER, Enbridge can quickly identify and effectively address public concerns that could impact their projects.
 wa.jpgState of Washington - Emergency Management Division

The EMD has implemented PIER as a virtual Joint Information Center (JIC) alongside their EOC software to establish compliance with the FY '06 NIMS requirements.
Puget Sound Energy

PSE has implemented multiple PIER centers for specific issues management, media center applications and crisis control centers through out their utility operations and renewables projects.
 astoria.pngAstoria Regional Dispatch Center

PIER functionality allows Astoria Regional Dispatch Center staff to create and post police logs, storm warnings, weather updates and any other needed information without depending on a web-master.

 teppco.pngTEPPCO Partners, L.P.

TEPPCO manages an extensive petroleum pipeline network, and public affairs staff must be prepared for emergencies while maintaining a consistent public information portal.



 AllState-logo1.gifAllstate Insurance Company

Allstate's Corporate Relations SWAT Team is able to immediately craft emergency employee communications messages and provide them to all employees by using PIER for a dedicated employee/agent communications website.
 uh.pngUniversity of Houston

Following the experiences of the 2005 hurricane season, U of H has implemented multiple PIER centers for public communications, tracking student evacuation status and emergency response and notifications. They have also linked their centers to the GEMI center for communications coordination.
 boeinglogo.gifBoeing Commercial Airplanes

Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) is utilizing PIER as an issue management tool. With a large and geographically dispersed public affairs staff, the entire staff can view media inquiries 'real time' and coordinate responses for more effective communication.
Colorado Public Schools

Faced with an immediate need to become the source for issues impacting public education in Colorado, the Colorado Education Association (CEA) purchased a PIER site. Within days of purchase, a fully populated site was launched to provide responses to the challenges.
 darigold.gifWestfarm Foods

Westfarm Foods was able to avoid lengthy labor negotiations by successfully responding to rumors and by providing a public information portal, specific to the labor negotiations.
 bsd501.pngBellingham School District

Bellingham School District uses a PIER site for daily public communications as well as emergency communications. Serving as their 'News Center', their PIER site is a click away from the District homepage. BSD utilizes their public PIER site as an emergency response tool for first responders to log in for school emergency plans and as a phone notification tool for parents, staff and other stakeholders.


This national grocery chain tracks inquiries and provides public information for multiple communications offices around the United States and using PIER System gives them a consistent platform for all of their communications professionals to access from anywhere, at any time.


 niusr.pngNational Institute for Urban Search and Rescue - NIUSR

NIUSR is using PIER to coordinate communications amongst their members and to assist partner organizations, like the American Red Cross, with efforts such as the Missing Persons Center that was established in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
 uhgemi.pngGlobal Energy Management Institute

GEMI has recognized, and implemented, the leading edge technology that PIER provides as the "gold standard" to recommend to their membership for crisis communications and daily public, media and other stakeholder communications.
Colorado Education Association

Faced with an immediate need to provide public information in response to funding challenges in the State Legislature, CEA purchased a PIER site. Within days of purchase, a fully populated site was launched to provide responses to the challenges.
 aopl.pngAssociation of Oil Pipe Lines

This association needed to coordinate various member committees, membership mailing lists and centralize member resources. By implementing PIER, AOPL also gained the ability to survey their membership and deliver different types of multimedia to promote pipeline education and safety.
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