About Dr. Don Rix

Dr. Donald Rix is a role model for all of us. He is a successful entrepreneur, volunteer, philanthropist, angel investor, and mentor to countless young entrepreneurs. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of BCT SVP, and it is only fitting that our enduring Endowment Fund be named in his honour. Just a few of his accomplishments and contributions to our community, province and country follow.

More than 35 years ago, Dr. Don Rix, then a young physician, pursued a long-held interest in pathology and eventually joined Metropolitan Labs in Vancouver, transforming the small firm into MDS Metro Laboratories. Today, this company is the largest independent medical laboratory in BC with interest in more than 100 medical laboratories in western Canada, and employing more than 900 British Columbians.

As his business grew, so did Dr. Rix’s reputation. Respected for his business acumen and admired for his confidence in BC’s potential, he became a great champion of our burgeoning hi-tech industry. In recognition of his profound guiding influence, he was awarded the lifetime Achievement Award by the BC Biotechnology Association. In 2005, Dr. Rix received the Bill Thompson Award from the BC Technology Industry Association for Lifetime Leadership and Achievement in the high tech industrial sector. In 2004, Dr. Rix was awarded the Order of British Columbia, for outstanding achievement. In 2007, Dr. Rix was awarded the Order of Canada.

Dr. Rix’s entrepreneurial spirit has greatly enhanced economic opportunities in this province. A man of boundless generosity, his goodwill extends to the entire community. His extraordinary commitment to higher education has been instrumental in the creation of wonderful new opportunities for research through the Donald Rix Building at the University of BC.

Dr. Rix currently serves on the BC Innovation Council, BC Cancer Agency Foundation, BC Medical Services Foundation, and BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Dr. Rix is Chairman of the Board of Governors of UNBC. He is also a board member of MDS Ventures Pacific Inc., Perceptronix Inc., the Premier’s Technology Council, BC Advantage Funds (VCC) Ltd., Genome BC, and QHR Technologies, Inc.

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