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Industry Information

Container Shipping Information Service (CSIS)

CSIS has been launched to provide access to information about the container shipping industry. Visit their website at: >>

Global Container Operators

World Shipping Council members operate approximately 90 percent of the 2007 global container ship capacity and account for almost 95 percent of all new container ship capacity on order. See a global summary of container carriers and their capacity >>

The History of Containerization

2006 marked the 50th anniversary of modern container shipping, which commenced with the sailing of the Ideal X from Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A. More information about the history of containerization can be found in the following publications:
  • The Containership Revolution – Malcom McLean's 1956 Innovation Goes Global was published in 2006 by the Transportation Research Board in TR News. Read the article >>
  • Container Shipping and the Economy – Stimulating Trade and Transformations Worldwide was also published in TR News. Read the article >>
  • THE BOX – How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger makes the case that we would not have a global economy were it not for the container. Read more >>
  • The Box that Changed the World is a pictorial history of "how one man's innovative idea launched an industry that transformed the global economy." Read more >>

Liner Shipping in the U.S.

The United States remains the largest trading nation in the world, accounting for about 12 percent of total world merchandise trade in 2005 and remains the world largest economy, accounting for 28 percent of world gross domestic product (GDP) in 2005. Liner shipping, which refers to services operated on fixed schedules and itineraries, is the heart of a global transportation system that connects U.S. companies and consumers with the world. Read more >>

Members of the World Shipping Council transport most of America's international oceanborne containerized cargo. See a summary of members' 2006 activity >>

International Bodies and Agreements

The World Shipping Council and its member companies work closely with a number of organizations to develop and implement globally consistent guidelines for the liner shipping industry. Read more >>

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