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SD Cards

SD Cards are used for data storage in many digital cameras, cell phones, and PCs. The Wii console accepts SD Cards. MiniSD and microSD Cards can be used with the Wii when they use their respective adapters.


SD Card
miniSD Card
and Adapter
microSD Card
and Adapter

An SD memory card can be used to store Wii-related data such as game save information, certain data from the Wii Channel applications, and to transfer compatible data (such as digital photos and MP3s) to the Wii console from other devices.

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    Can't Write to SD Cards

    Wii allows you to save game progress and other data right to the console's internal memory. An SD card is not required. However, we understand that players may want to use an SD Card to back up their data.

    To write to an SD Card, the Wii console requires a downloaded update. To download updates you will need to connect your Wii to the internet. For information on how, please click here.

    Please note, without the update, you can still transfer data off an SD card for use in the Photo Channel. This allows you to view your images, movies, and listen to mp3 files.

    If you wish to use an SD Card as a storage device, but are unable to connect your Wii console online or have no plans to do so, please call 1-800-255-3700 for available options.








    Using an SD Card

  • To use an SD Card, open the SD Card Slot cover on the front of the console and insert the SD Card.
  • For information on viewing your SD card's photos in the Wii console's Photo Channel, click here.
  • For information on organizing Wii console data to an SD Card, click here.
  • Not getting an SD Card to appear as a storage option when inserted? Click here for assistance.











Identifying Compatible SD Cards

Not all SD Cards are compatible with the Wii console. Please read the following:

  • The Wii console is only compatible with SD Cards that are 2 GB (Gigabyte) or less. Cards with a capacity higher than 2 GB will likely not work with the Wii console.
  • SD Cards with a slow speed may experience slow transfer time when loading files, or may not work at all. Slow transfer times can also occur with SD Cards that have a great number of files on them.
  • While any SD Card with the above specifications may work, Nintendo has licensed specific SD Cards for use with the Wii console. You can identify these cards by the Nintendo Seal on the packaging of the SD Card. The following is a list of known licensed SD Cards and their manufacturers.

    The Official Nintendo Seal

  • Please note that even with a compatible SD Card, some devices may create image or movie files that are not compatible with the Wii Console. Click here for more information.












File types compatible with the Photo Channel

The Photo Channel can display or play files in the following formats and sizes:

  • Image Files:
    Format: JPEG, baseline only
    Size: Up to 8192x8192
  • Video Files:
    File format: Quicktime (motion JPEG) format (MOV)
      AVI (Motion JPEG) format (AVI)
  • Audio Files:
    on Photo Channel 1.0 MP3 format
    on Photo Channel 1.1 AAC format (extension .MP4, .m4a audio files)

    (More information on Photo Channel 1.0 and Photo Channel 1.1)
  • Please Note the Following:

    • Some files in the above formats may not work with the Photo Channel.
    • The audio components of some video files may not be playable.
    • Using an SD Card with slow transfer speed may result in longer load times or irregular video playback.















Known Compatible Devices

Even with a compatible SD Card (read more), some devices may create image or movie files that are not compatible with the Wii Console. We have tested many devices for compatibility with the Wii Console. Please use the links below to view devices we know to likely be compatible with the Wii console: