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Xbox 360 Composite AV Cable


Xbox 360 Composite AV Cable

The Xbox 360 Composite AV Cable—sold only with the Xbox 360™ Core video game and entertainment system—lets you connect an Xbox 360 console to a standard-definition television or audio/video surround receiver.

Video Capabilities

The cable features a single composite video input (yellow RCA connector) supporting standard interlaced (480i) video signals.


Stationary images in video games can "burn" into some TV screens, creating a permanent shadow. To determine if your TV is at risk, consult your TV owner's manual or manufacturer before playing games.

Two additional optional cables—the Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable and Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable—facilitate alternate setups for high-definition TV (HDTV) and computer monitors, while a third cable, the Xbox 360 S-Video AV Cable, permits connection to an S-video–equipped television.

Audio Capabilities

The composite AV cable's high-quality analog audio cables are standard red/white RCA connectors that plug into most televisions and all audio components. This makes it easy to route the sound from the Xbox 360 console into an AV surround receiver or integrated amplifier so that you can listen to your games, DVD movies, and music through your home theater or stereo system.

When connected to a compatible AV surround receiver and speaker system, the composite AV cable can pass 2-channel analog audio for stereo or 4-channel Dolby Pro Logic surround listening.

Connect the Composite AV Cable

To connect your Xbox 360™ console to a TV with standard, composite video input (yellow RCA connector):

  1. Connect the composite AV cable connector to the AV port on the console.
  2. Connect the color-coded connectors to the corresponding jacks on the TV: yellow to yellow (video), red to red (right audio), and white to white (left audio).

    Xbox 360 Composite AV Cable connectors


    For monaural (mono) TVs, which have only one audio input jack, connect either the right or left audio connector to the audio input.

  3. Select the appropriate video input on your TV.

For More Info

If you encounter problems with setup, see Troubleshoot Audio/Video Connections.

To download a product manual, see our Index of Xbox 360 Instruction Manuals.

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