STYLE: Shooter, Action, Adventure STATUS: Lost
Exodus is a third-person action title that promised to blow away the competition.  The graphics were one of the most colorful ever on the PlayStation as can be seen on the exclusive screenshots above.  Just check out the huge spider-like alien above.

According to PSExtreme, Volume 2 Issue 9, "Exodus takes the action-shooter genre into the next century with futuristic, high-tech, cybernetic combat.  Gamers will blast through fully interactive 360 degree 3D battlezones with total freedom of movement.  The game can be played two-player cooperatively and packs unbelievable special effects."

The Low Down:
After the 1996 E3, Neversoft Entertainment focused their efforts on a new demo titled Big Guns. The Big Guns demo displayed a Mech walking down a canyon shooting various things. The developers stated that it was actually quite fun to play. There were a variety of weapons and various aliens to obliterate.  Neversoft took this demo to Shiny on June 1st 1996 to demonstrate their talent in hopes that Shiny would hire them for the MDK conversion; it was a success.

Neversoft continued to shop Big Guns around as a game, thinking they would build up to two teams.  Big Guns was very much a third person Mech Shooter game, and the demo continued to improve as it was shopped it around.  In November 1996 Sony expressed interest to pick up Big Guns, based on the current Mech design.

In 1997, Neversoft was diligently working the MDK conversion. Big Guns was renamed Exodus for trademark reasons - "Big Gun" was the name of motorbike exhausts. As with many games in development, the artistic designs were continuously being redesigned.  With the aid of SCEA, the team decided to change the Mech into a girl who could morph into a big cat.  As a result, this required a new art style similar to Lara Croft and another redesign.  Hunter Luisi, who is credited with such hit titles as SCEA's Warhawk, Twisted Metal, and Jet Moto, joined the team to assist in the design.

In November 1997, Exodus was officially cancelled.  The outcome could have been a result of major redesigns and Neversoft simultaneously concentrating efforts on completing MDK.

Feast your eyes upon these exclusive reader-submitted screenshots above!  Many thanks to the anonymous reader for the submission.

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