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Contributed on 10/30/07 by Alex Viard

Last year Berkeley, CA quartet the Pack burst onto airwaves with their infectious hit “Vans,” a driving ode to their shoe and lifestyle of choice. Drop caught up with Stunnaman and Young L to talk about the Pack and their new album, Based Boys.

How did you all meet and come to form The Wolfpack, your original name?
Stunnaman: I know young L through skateboarding. I’ve known L the longest, me and him go back to third. He ended up going to Albany High and putting Lil B in the group. I ended up putting Uno in the group.

How old are you now?
Me and L is 20. B and Uno is 18.

So the story is that Too Short helped get you guys connected with Jive. How did that connection go down?
Stunnaman: He was ridin’ through Berkley, our hometown, and (the people he was with were) bumpin’ our mixtape and he was like “Who are these niggas?” Didn’t know who we was, heard us, and it’s done, for real.

What is Based Music?
Young L:
Based Music is freedom of one’s self. Pure expression. Whatever the fuck you wanna do that’s exactly what that means. You wanna get on a track with a ukalale and spit Jamaican shit, that’s Based cause you doin’ whatever you wanna do. You ain’t got no structure, you ain’t doin’ some shit cause its hot in the clubs, you ain’t doin’ some shit cause you wanna be a thug. You just doin’ what you do - Based.

Where did the inspiration for “Vans” come from?
Young L:
Myself, wearing Vans, being a skateboarder. Just being ourselves. It wasn’t like we did it with no “we want to get signed off Vans”, it’s a just doin’ us man.

So skateboarding is really a big part of your lives?
Me and Young L, I’ve been skating since I was like fourteen.

The Bay Area is a very diverse place. Musically, how would you describe your experiences growing up in the Bay?
Young L:
Everything from Nirvana to N.W.A., that’s how I would describe my musical experience at Berkley.

What’s in store for us with the upcoming album Based Boys?
Pretty much like my man Young L said - man, if you a follower and you wanna hear some shit that sound like the next nigga, don’t buy our album, cause its not like that. Our album is just pure, pure freshness. Its just a new sound, a new type of music man, just expect a new sound. If you a leader you gonna like it. Its gonna be something fresh and it ain’t gonna sound like nobody else. Just expect some fresh shit. Some people might not know how to take it in. But everyone who’s a leader’s gonna know how to take it in.

Any special guest performers or producers on the album the people need to know about?
Young L:
Not really many performers. Pretty much it was just Kaya. We had her do some stuff, she has a new show on MTV - it’s an official story about her coming up in the game with her little band and whatnot - so we had her on a beat. We also did a little a swap, a media swap. We did a little stuff on her TV show and whatnot.

Stunnaman: As for producers, we got Collipark, Speedy from DTE camp, Pit, he did the “Party Like a Rock Star.”

How are you being received around the country?
Niggas fuck wit us. We original and we go hard. We don’t act Hollywood and we don’t act like we don’t know our fans, like we don’t wanna touch our fans. They fuck with us cause we down to earth people.

Any last words for the Drop readers?
Album out 10/30, Based Boys. Check the new video “In My Car,” tell everybody.


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