SOUTH EDMONTON COMMON is a retail power centre located in Edmonton, Alberta.  When fully developed, it will spread over 320 acres and contain some 2.3 million square feet of retail space, making it the largest open-air retail development in North America.


Not only is it strategically situated at one of the City’s highest traffic locations, it also borders the City’s 8-lane ring road, which will conveniently bring shoppers from all suburban areas of the City to the site.  Add the fact it is located in the highest residential growth and income area in Edmonton, South Edmonton Common is the dominant retail centre in the region. 


With over 100 stores now open (making up over 1.7 million square feet of space), including a number of retailers who have unanimously selected it to showcase their first stores in Edmonton, South Edmonton Common is a unique, one-stop shopping and entertainment experience.   


South Edmonton Common’s reputation as having set the standard for power centre developments reaches across North America, having been featured in numerous shopping centre, construction, tourism, and business-related publications.  This is due in large part to its impressive retailer mix, and the fact that South Edmonton Common is one of the most successful power centres in the Country.   

South Edmonton Common.  It's all in here.


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