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Note: These images are National Archives photos (courtesy of the Gallery of the Open Frontier) dating from the 1860s through the 1890s—long after the Corps of Discovery passed through the homelands of the Native nations that are depicted. The images are included to give a sense of the vibrancy and enduring nature of the Native cultures the expedition encountered. Despite many far-reaching and often tragic changes that occurred in the decades following the Corps of Discovery's travels, these cultures persisted. The images do not, of course, represent actual individuals or villages encountered by the expedition.

Arapaho camp, ca. 1870 Arapaho camp, 1868 Cheyennes and Arapahos at Seger Colony, 1886 Assinniboines in Montana, 1890-91
Assinniboine family, Montana, 1890-91 Assinniboines, Montana, 1890-91 Assinniboines, Montana, 1890-91 Assinniboines
Assinniboine man, Montana Cheyenne lodges with buffalo meat drying, 1870 Cheyennes and Arapahos at Seger Colony, 1886 Chippewa head chief Flatmouth, 1897
Castle Rock on Columbia River Cascade on Columbia River Group of Crow Indians Flathead family

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