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American Renaissance

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About American Renaissance

What We Believe

Race is an important aspect of individual and group identity. Of all the fault lines that divide society — language, religion, class, ideology — it is the most prominent and divisive. Race and racial conflict are at the heart of the most serious challenges the Western World faces in the 21st century.

The problems of race cannot be solved without adequate understanding. Attempts to gloss over the significance of race or even to deny its reality only make problems worse. Progress requires the study of all aspects of race, whether historical, cultural, or biological. This approach is known as race realism.

American Renaissance

American Renaissance is a monthly magazine that has been published since 1991. It has been called "a literate, undeceived journal of race, immigration and the decline of civility." We consider it America's premiere publication of racial-realist thought, and we invite all users of this page to subscribe. The paper version is delivered through the mail, and the PDF version — with identical contents — is delivered to e-mail addresses.

Who We Are

American Renaissance and its web page are run by Jared Taylor, Stephen Webster, Ron Neff, and George McDaniel. Our mailing address is Box 527, Oakton, VA 22124 and our telephone number is (703) 716-0900.

Please Help!

American Renaissance cannot continue without help from people like you. There are no monies from corporations, charities, or government to support us. If you believe that a realistic understanding of race is essential to the survival of the West, please make a donation by clicking here. Donations are tax deductible.

Privacy and Security

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