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The School's site at Hornsby covers twenty hectares on a single campus. The Junior School, though autonomous, shares the tranquil, spacious campus with the Middle and Senior Schools.

Barker College has excellent facilities including:
  • a library which consolidates the School's unparalleled collection of print and non-print resources
  • a superbly appointed and fully equipped Information Technology Centre
  • the McCaskill Music Centre, containing private tuition studios, classrooms provided with computers for composition and aural skilling, a state-of-the-art recording studio, and a recital room
  • three Drama performance spaces, including two spacious rehearsal rooms, a Drama Theatre with raked seating, and the School Hall, all equipped with industry-standard sound and lighting equipment
  • the Centenary Design Centre with provision for individual studios and whole-class teaching in Design & Technology and Visual Arts including computer graphics, film-making and photography
  • the Barker Foundation Science Centre, completed in 2000, containing ten teaching laboratories, four individual student laboratories and a 106-seat lecture theatre
  • well appointed boarding houses
  • extensive sporting fields, together with Tennis and Basketball courts, and an artificial surface for Hockey, Soccer, Netball, Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball and other games.
  • a large gymnasium, fully equipped with weights and resistance training equipment, with an adjoining indoor Aquatic Centre

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