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Mailing Address:

Association Free Lutheran Bible School
3134 E. Medicine Lake Blvd
Plymouth, MN 55441-3008

Telephone Number: 763.544-9501
Fax Number: 763.412-2047

 General Policy Matters  
 Dean: Rev. Joel Rolf 
 Admissions, Scholarships  
 Admissions Office  763.544.9501
Transcripts, Academic Records  
 Registrar’s Office  763.544.9501
Christian Service Activities  763.544.9501
 Request for Choirs and Music Ministry  
     Mr. Jerry D. Nelson, Music Director  
 Request for Gospel teams and VBS teams  
     Mr. Robert W. Lee, Director of Student Outreach and Support  
 Special Events  
 Request for overnight guest housing  
      Dean of Women   
 Request for Weddings/Catering/Events  763.544.9501


    AFLBS is a ministry of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations