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The Green Party is a volunteer organization and many people have gone into building the party. Here are a few of the people the party would like to fomally thank.

Former Executive 

The Green Party of Alberta would like to thank the following people for their generous contribution of time and effort:

Ron Ayotte

Past Election Readiness Chair

Ron has worked as an appointed election readiness chair for the last year and we have appreciated the work that he has done.

Darcy Kraus

Past Membership Chair

Darcy also stepped in as an appointed position last fall and he has diligently updated the membership list. Thank you for your good work Darcy.

Mark MacGillivrary

Past Membership Chair

Mark has just stepped down as membership chair to be the federal candidate for Calgary North Centre and also the Federal Organizer for Alberta

Evan Skalarski

Communication Chair

Evan has stepped down as communications as he has moved to Vancouver with his girlfriend so she can pursue her education. Evan worked very hard on the communication and we instrumental in getting the policy consolidated and up on the website. Thank you for all your hard work Evan.

Shelley Wilson

Past Election Readiness Chair

Shelly has stepped down as election readiness chair to pursue her PhD. She has been an excellent worker and strong support to the Party.

Allison Roth

Past Communication Chair

Allison who worked diligently on the website and communications for the party has stepped back to pursue her own business. We thank Allison for everything she has done for the Green Party.



Past Leaders

Norman Conrad

1987 - 1990

The party wasn't formed until 1990, so he wasn't officially the leader until then. Norman Conrad ran for the Federal Green Party in Calgary Centre in 1988. After the election his supporters decided that Alberta needed its own party for provincial elections, and Norman led us through the process of getting 6,000 Alberta citizens to sign a petition that gave us party status. He resigned as leader when he moved out of the province in 1990, but his heart was still in Alberta. In 1999 he published Reading the Entrails: An Alberta Ecohistory

Betty Paschen

1990 -1995

Betty stepped in after Norman Conrad, leading the party with a kindness and gentleness. She saw herself as an interim leader, and eventually found fellow Edmontonian David Parker to take over. Betty and her husband are now involved with the Windsong wind turbine project.

David Parker


David Parker would love to ride his bike across the country but when he couldn't be doing that he worked in Edmonton as an instructor at NAIT, and also led the Vegetarians of Alberta.

Comments: Comments can be left by anyone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Party.

  Submitted by GRACE RUSSEL (not verified) on January 5, 2006 - 6:17pm.

Great job, attracting such young talent to your party such as the young lady on the front page of Herald today. This girl is in my riding, and I plan on contacting her for encouragement and to find out more about your platform etc.
Again good to see a party with the nerve and forsight to bring in new young people with fresh ideas that only ever come the new generations. You can count on my vote
Grace Russel Calgary

  Submitted by Grant Neufeld on January 6, 2006 - 1:28pm.

The previous comment is referring to Juliet Burgess, the youngest candidate running in the federal election for the Green Party of Canada. She's in the Calgary—Nose Hill riding.

The Calgary Herald article seems to still be online.

  Submitted by Benoit17 on September 13, 2006 - 7:55am.

Apreciation of current leader
I want to give a word of personal aperciation about someone who took a chance on me and in doing so, who gave me a chance to affirm my place as a first generation Albertan from French Québec. Times have changed since he did that and he would probably not be able to stick his neck out as he did then. Politics is a matter of timng and when he saw it fit, he did not hesitate to stand with me and he held the door open for me. Now, the timing would not allow it, then he would not be bound by his previous move. To me, that is what leadership is all about and I thank God for having come across George Read in my life. All the best to the best and may you prosper in bringing clarity and safety to our common future...dear George and Green Alberta team!

Kind regards,

  Submitted by Kryzveir (not verified) on November 23, 2007 - 3:15pm.

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