About This Attraction
Location: Islands of Adventure
Category: Thrill Ride

Doctor Doom's Fearfall®
Taking Fear to New Heights! All hail Doctor Doom! Prepare to submit to his latest evil experiment — a diabolical device created to extract every ounce of fear from your body by rocketing you 150 feet into the air, then hurling you back down faster than gravity itself!

About the Location
Doctor Doom's Fearfall® is located in Marvel Super Hero Island® at Universal's Islands of Adventure®.

Enter a gleaming comic book city where the world's greatest Super Heroes pit themselves against the world's most diabolical Super Villains in the ultimate battle of good versus evil.
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Facts & Figures
  • The initial launch at the beginning of the ride uses more thrust than a 747 jet engine and accelerates faster than the space shuttle.
  • Doctor Doom's Fearfall has two towers that each stand 200 feet tall.
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