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    Knitty Gritty
    100 Series
    Number Episode Title Last Air Date
    DKNG-101 Getting Started 08/07/2007
    DKNG-102 Knitting and Purling 08/08/2007
    DKNG-103 Felting 08/09/2007
    DKNG-104 Knitting in the Round
    DKNG-105 Knitting for the Home 08/13/2007
    DKNG-106 Knitting with Kids 08/14/2007
    DKNG-107 Edgy Knitting 08/15/2007
    DKNG-108 Intarsia 08/16/2007
    DKNG-109 Decorative Stitches 08/17/2007
    DKNG-110 Oh Baby! 08/20/2007
    DKNG-111 Illusion Knitting 08/21/2007
    DKNG-112 Refashioned Knits 08/22/2007
    DKNG-113 Don't Sweat the Sweater 08/23/2007

    200 Series
    Number Episode Title Last Air Date
    DKNG-201 Tech Knits 01/07/2008
    DKNG-202 You Spin Me Right Round 01/08/2008
    DKNG-203 3-Way Rectangles 01/09/2008
    DKNG-204 Sock-It to Me 01/10/2008
    DKNG-205 All About Aran 01/11/2008
    DKNG-206 The Scarf! 01/14/2008
    DKNG-207 Just Beachy 01/15/2008
    DKNG-208 I Luv the '80s 01/16/2008
    DKNG-209 Mixing Yarns 01/17/2008
    DKNG-210 Home Is Where the Knit Is 01/18/2008
    DKNG-211 Flip-Flop Tube-Top 01/21/2008
    DKNG-212 Sassy Sweater 01/22/2008
    DKNG-213 Teen Knits 01/23/2008

    300 series
    Number Episode Title Last Air Date
    DKNG-301 Baby, Baby, Baby 01/24/2008
    DKNG-302 Skirt the Issue 01/25/2008
    DKNG-303 Hand Jive 01/28/2008
    DKNG-304 Knitting With Wire 01/29/2008
    DKNG-305 I Would Dye for You! 01/30/2008
    DKNG-306 Naughty Knits 01/31/2008
    DKNG-307 Knitty Belts 02/01/2008
    DKNG-308 Tips and Tricks 02/04/2008
    DKNG-309 If the Shoe Knits 02/05/2008
    DKNG-310 Knits for a Night Out 02/06/2008
    DKNG-311 Fuzzy Bunnies! 02/07/2008
    DKNG-312 Knits So Novel 02/08/2008
    DKNG-313 Cross Colors 02/11/2008

    400 Series
    Number Episode Title Last Air Date
    DKNG-401 Rock Star Bag 02/12/2008
    DKNG-402 Knitting for Charity 11/07/2007
    DKNG-403 Knitting as Fabric 11/08/2007
    DKNG-404 Ski Knits 11/09/2007
    DKNG-405 Magic Hats 11/12/2007
    DKNG-406 Möbius Knitting 11/13/2007
    DKNG-407 Disco Glam 11/14/2007
    DKNG-408 Combo Corset-T 11/15/2007
    DKNG-409 It's in the Bag 11/16/2007
    DKNG-410 Fibonacci Knitting 11/19/2007
    DKNG-411 Sushi for the Bathroom 11/20/2007
    DKNG-412 Flirty Skirty 11/21/2007
    DKNG-413 It's So Mod 09/27/2007

    500 Series
    Number Episode Title Last Air Date
    DKNG-501 Family Affair 10/01/2007
    DKNG-502 Diagonal Knitting 10/02/2007
    DKNG-503 Sweet Sweater 10/17/2007
    DKNG-504 Relax 12/26/2007
    DKNG-505 Keep a Lid on It 12/27/2007
    DKNG-506 To Hide and to Hold 12/28/2007
    DKNG-507 Punk Knits 12/31/2007
    DKNG-508 Goin' To The Dogs 01/01/2008
    DKNG-509 Cruzin' Down the Highway 01/02/2008
    DKNG-510 Sampler Shrug 01/03/2008
    DKNG-511 Marco Polo 01/04/2008
    DKNG-512 Pillow and Flirty Shrug 10/16/2007
    DKNG-513 It's a Bloomin' Holiday 12/19/2007

    600 Series
    Number Episode Title Last Air Date
    DKNG-601 Nine-Block Baby Blanket
    DKNG-602 Two Wild and Crazy Hats
    DKNG-603 Pajama Party
    DKNG-604 Book of Bright Ideas
    DKNG-605 Rockin' Gloves
    DKNG-606 Knit Jewelry
    DKNG-607 Cushie
    DKNG-608 Forever Plaid
    DKNG-609 Game Day
    DKNG-610 We Jammin'
    DKNG-611 Freeformin' Feet
    DKNG-612 Delightful Details
    DKNG-613 3-D Scarves

    700 series
    Number Episode Title Last Air Date
    DKNG-701 Coriolis Sock
    DKNG-702 Spot On! Adornments
    DKNG-703 Kitchen Couture
    DKNG-704 Man's Best Friend
    DKNG-705 Hooked on Knitting
    DKNG-706 Devilish Knits
    DKNG-707 Rockin' Regal Cuffs
    DKNG-708 Loom Knitting
    DKNG-709 Real Men Knit
    DKNG-710 No Sheep for You
    DKNG-711 Croppin' Style
    DKNG-712 I Do Knit
    DKNG-713 Reindeer Games

    800 series
    Number Episode Title Last Air Date
    DKNG-801 Happy Hour Knits 08/24/2007
    DKNG-802 Knitting With Balls 08/27/2007
    DKNG-803 Twinkle Toes 08/28/2007
    DKNG-804 The Better Sweater 08/29/2007
    DKNG-805 Hat Trick 08/30/2007
    DKNG-806 Hand-Painting Yarn 08/31/2007
    DKNG-807 Celebrity Scarves
    DKNG-808 Teen Scene 09/04/2007
    DKNG-809 Knitting on the Go 09/05/2007
    DKNG-810 Alternative Knits 09/06/2007
    DKNG-811 Knits That Fit 09/07/2007
    DKNG-812 Knitting Rules! 09/10/2007
    DKNG-813 Kitschy Christmas 12/18/2007