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Only 10 fingers: count the stuff you'll do with your PSP® system.

You know it as the ultimate handheld gaming system—the place to play the very best in portable games. You may even know that the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system can do a bunch of other things as well. The thing is, once you've held all this in the palm of your hand, you won't ever be the same. The PSP® system has a boatload of talents, including:

  • Gaming
    Over 350 titles—and more coming all the time
  • Video
    More than 460 feature films, TV programs and music videos available on UMD™ disc (each sold seperately)
  • Music
    It plays MP3s, WAVs, WMAs, ATRAC3+ and MP4s
  • Photo
    Create a slide show of your photos or beam them to friends via Wi-Fi
  • Network
    Communicate with other PSP® systems, play games online, browse the Web and more
  • RSS
    Stay up-to-the-minute with your fave blogs, podcasts and news feeds
  • ...and more