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Update on Schlegel medical situation
10 February 2008
Earlier today, we received an update via email from Dr Volker Damann, Head of the Crew Medical Support Office at ESA's Astronaut Centre (EAC) in Cologne, Germany (click on 'Full story' for details).
Dr Damann emailed this morning with the following update:
"Hans Schlegel went into space in perfect health condition. However, he has developed a condition that is neither life threatening nor does it impact the health of other crew members - but is currently not compatible with a space walk (EVA)."

"Therefore, the operational decision to exchange EVA crew members had to be made to achieve the mission objectives. At the moment, the medical community is confident that Hans will be able to perform his second EVA."
The main point is that he's not suffering anything dangerous - but it does affect his ability to perform the space walk.
I know that ESA astronaut medical issues are treated with the utmost respect for privacy by the Agency, so it may well be that we won't find out many more details. As soon as more information does become available, we'll provide an update.

-- Daniel

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