Why NanoComposite?

Why AccuFLEX Nano Composite?


Golf is about consistency. Consistency in the golf swing to move your golf club into the optimal position at impact is imperative. Our goal in making golf shafts here at AccuFLEX has always been to produce the finest, most consistent shafts ever available to golfers. Our motto “A Golf Shaft to Fit Every Swing” is evidence of our further commitment to making a great golf shaft for everyone that plays the game. We at AccuFLEX Golf have achieved our goals, to date, by utilizing the most advanced filament winding process ever developed and by using a higher density graphite than our competitors, category per category. These technological achievements have resulted in the development of our proprietary “A2” material. AccuFLEX shafts that incorporate “A2” in combination with our advanced filament winding process have been proven to be extremely lively, yet consistent for players of all levels. PGA, Champions, Nationwide Tour players and professional Long Drivers have all marveled at how long, accurate, playable and consistent AccuFLEX shafts are. We are just as proud to have earned the praise of average golfers everywhere.

When we learned about the Nanotech method of treating graphite and the greater consistency it brings to the raw material, we knew that this was the next technological advancement we needed to bring to our customers. The AccuFLEX EVOLUTION shaft, the first shaft ever introduced featuring AccuFLEX’s Nano Composite technology, is already in the bags of several top Nationwide Tour players. Why? The words we are hearing are “longer, straighter, more consistent”. These words are music to our ears and we are very excited to bring this technology to the golf market. Is the EVOLUTION going to be the right shaft for everybody? Of course not. But what we at AccuFLEX Golf are committing to with our new EVOLUTION shaft is the understanding that there is now an even better way to produce more consistency in the raw graphite materials we use to make a golf shaft. AccuFLEX Golf will continue to lead the way and bring the best shaft technology available to our customers. AccuFLEX Golf’s Nano Composite technology and the nanotech methods of treating other materials is here to stay. After 12 months of research and development, AccuFLEX Golf is proud to have taken the first step in bringing its Nano Composite technology to golf equipment but the company recognizes that it is just that: a first step. AccuFLEX Golf plans to offer a full range of Nano Composite products in the future to fulfill its motto, “A Golf Shaft to Fit Every Swing“.