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WWE SummerSlam Results - 8/25 (Quick Results)

Reported by of
On Sunday, August 25, 2002 at 10:48 PM EST

The following results are last year's Survivor Series results. You probably found this address through a search engine. To read The 2003 WWE Survivor Series Results, go to our main page at

  • Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio
    Winner: Kurt Angle via Mysterio tapping out to Ankle Lock

  • Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho
    Winner: Ric Flair via Jericho tapping out to Figure Four Leg Lock

  • Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero
    Winner: Edge via spear on Guerrero for win

    WWE Tag Team Title Match
  • Christian & Lance Storm (c's) vs. Booker T & Goldust
    Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions: Christian & Lance Storm via Test interfering & hitting Big Boot on Booker T

    WWE Intercontinental Title Match
  • Chris Benoit (c) vs. Rob Van Dam
    Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam via Five Star Frog Splash on Benoit for win

  • The Undertaker vs. Test
    Winner: The Undertaker via Tombstone Piledriver on Test for win

  • Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
    Winner: Shawn Michaels via countering Pedigree & roll-up pin

    WWE Undisputed Title Match
  • The Rock (c) vs. Brock Lesnar
    Winner and NEW Undisputed Champion: Brock Lensar via blocking Rock Bottom & hitting F-5 for the win

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