Toll Free In The US:
866 787.JETU (5388)
Pilot Recruiting Dept:
954 928.0538 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

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Welcome to Jet University
Why Join Jet University's Professional Team?
At the Jet University flight training school, our emphasis is always on flight safety as you learn to fly. From your very first flight to completing our First Officer Program in a large jet aircraft, basic flight safety is paramount ...
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Become an Airline Pilot Right Away!
Your airline career will literally start from your first flight in our airline pilot training program. Therefore, whether you have zero time and want to learn to fly and become an airline pilot right away ...
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Launch your Aviation Career at Jet University!
At the Jet University flight training school, you will be developing the skill sets necessary to rapidly advance as you first learn to fly, and continue through your commercial pilot training.
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Training Programs
Commercial Training
The Commercial Pilot Training Course includes the commercial, instrument and multi-engine ratings and is approved ...
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CRJ First Officer
The CRJ 200 First Officer Training Course is expected to take approximately 3 months in class ...
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