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Microsoft Agent and localization support
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Downloading and installing any Microsoft Agent components for your own use on a single computer is allowed by, and subject to, the terms of the End-User License Agreement.

Also, please note that you won't see any character appearing on your computer screen as soon as you install Microsoft Agent or run one of the Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Me operating systems. This is because Microsoft Agent, by itself, is really just a software technology rather than a complete, integral software application that automatically does something. Instead, developers need to first program the Microsoft Agent technology into their applications and Web sites. When you run their applications or visit their Web sites, then you'll see one of these animated characters appear and do as they've been programmed. Please refer to our Resources page, for links to some third-party listings of such Microsoft Agent enabled applications and Web sites.

Microsoft Agent and localization support:

You should verify that your system meets the minimal system requirements before downloading Microsoft Agent.

Download and install the core components of Microsoft Agent by clicking the link below. Note, you do not need to install these core components if you are using one of the Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Me operating systems. The Microsoft Agent core components are already installed on your computer.

Download Download the Microsoft Agent core components (395 KB exe)

Localized language components are libraries (DLL files) that add support for the dialogs, windows, tooltips, and balloon text of the core components in an additional language to the default English support. To add a language to the core components, select it from the list below and click the download link. Note, that this localization support alone will not make Microsoft Agent characters speak audibly in these languages via text-to-speech - to do so, a text-to-speech engine would also be required.

Download Download selected language component

Microsoft Agent character files

You can use the following character files with Microsoft Agent. Note that which characters appear may depend on the application or web page you are using.

Download Download selected character

Want to check out some other Microsoft Agent characters? The resources page list galleries of some of the characters that have been created by third parties with the Microsoft Agent Character Editor.

Text-to-speech engines:

These text-to-speech engines provide speech output capabilities for Microsoft Agent and the Agent Character Editor. In the list below, select one of the available text-to-speech engines, then click the download link.

Note, that you must also install the Agent language component for the specified language, except for the American and British English engines.

Further note, that these text-to-speech engines are licensed only for use in Microsoft Agent enabled applications and Web pages with a visibly displayed Microsoft Agent character.

DownloadDownload selected engine

Can't find a language? You may want to check out other third-party speech engines that support Microsoft Agent. They may have the language or voice that you're looking for.

SAPI 4.0 runtime support:

Install the SAPI 4.0 runtime support below if you are using the Windows XP operating system and intend to use any of the speech components here with Microsoft Agent.

Also, install this SAPI 4.0 runtime support if you intend to use the L&H; TTS3000 engines with the Microsoft Agent Genie, Merlin, Peedy and Robby characters. These characters are compiled to use the L&H; TruVoice engine as the default speech output engine and the SAPI 4.0a runtime is necessary to set these characters' TTSModeID property to use the TTS3000 engines. Other Microsoft Agent characters may also require this SAPI 4.0 runtime support to set their TTSModeID property.

Download Download the Microsoft SAPI 4.0a runtime binaries (824 KB exe)

Speech recognition engines:

Speech recognition engines provide speech input capabilities for Microsoft Agent. At this time Microsoft provides a single U.S. English speech recognition engine for use with Microsoft Agent. To use this engine you should have a Pentium 120-MHz PC (or faster). Click the link below to download this speech engine.

Download Download the Microsoft® Speech Recognition Engine (6 MB exe)

Speech control panel:

The Speech Control Panel enables you to list the compatible speech recognition and text-to-speech engines installed on your system and to view and customize their settings for your use. When you install the file, it adds a speech icon to your Control Panel that you can open. Note that this application will only install on Windows® 95, Windows 98, Windows NT® 4.0, and Windows 2000 systems.

Download Download the Speech Control Panel (927 KB exe)

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Last Updated: May 15, 2003

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