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Screenplay is a commandline-based software that formats movie and tv screenplays and scripts - it is available for free under the General Public License (GPL) - Screenplay's page at
The only input format supported right now is screenplay's own flat file format. Screenplay files (*.sp) are written in a very simple markup - example.sp.

Screenplay generated PDF Files as output - example.pdf.
To run screenplay you only need the Perl interpreter (at least version 5.05) - available from CPAN

You will need one module that is not in Perl's core package: PDF::Create. You can install it on the commandline by starting the cpan shell: cpan. And then this command will install the module: install PDF::Create.

Perl is licensed under an open-source license as well and available for free for many operation systems, including Linux, Macintosh, Windows, Irix, Solaris, BSD and Amiga.
Download Page at Sourceforge.Net
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General Public License (GPL) - txt html pdf ps

Screenplay Format Specification Sheets -
    Titlepage: pdf - Normal Page: pdf

There is no independent documentation available at this point. To get help, just start screenplay with the commandline option -h.
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WritersForge - a large project with the aim to create a collection of tools for writing all kind of literature: prose, novels and screenplays

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ScriptCrawler - screenplay database
If you have questions about screenplay or this website, mail to tokirc((at)) - I would really like to hear from you, if you wrote a screenplay using screenplay
This website was created by Tom Kirchner, a german media-computer-science student at the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel.
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4. mar. 2006 - sabbatical is over and the first working version of screenplay is available for download - it generates printable pdf files


24. jul. 2005 - screenplay format specification sheets updated - they contain now the official names for margins and page widths

9. jul. 2005 - screenplay format specification sheets available for download - pdf creation routine written - starting writing screenplay formatting routine

27. mar. 2005 - first previous working core and plugin collection are available for download - working means screenplay can read and write sp format only - manual updated

22. mar. 2005 - the core has been extended and development of the main plugins goes on - a first draft of the manual is available online

19. feb. 2005 - development of the screenplay core has been completed - entering testing phase - the core is available for download - starting development of main plugins

4. jan. 2005 - homepage updated

20. mar. 2004 - homepage got new outfit with more colors

18. mar. 2004 - screenplay itself will be just a program that does basic stuff and loads plugins for doing everything else - therefor there will be a core package containing only screenplay and a many plugin packages - there will be a startout-plugin-collection containing the most important plugins

13. mar. 2004 - all statements have been implemented (probably full of bugs...) - new statements can now be implemented using the plugin architecture - development of the output routines begins

11. mar. 2004 - the architecture of screenplay has (once again) changed - now screenplay consists of a main program and many modules that do everything else - screenplay itself therefor only loads modules - this makes it possible to easily add new modules (programmed in Perl) and start out as a screenplay developer - have fun ;-)

9. mar. 2004 - the documentation has been debugged and extended and is now complete - almost all header-statements (used in screenplay's own file format) have been implemented

1. feb. 2004 - a first complete draft of the english documentation has been finished - it will be part of the official distribution

28. jan. 2004 - an emacs major mode for editing the screenplay input format has been written - it includes basic syntax highlighting - the mode will be part of the official distribution

26. jan. 2004 - after a short break development on screenplay goes on - the format has been extended to support various kinds of links to external resources - e.g. URLs, pictures or other files - later these resources are browseable in the interactive mode


28. dec. 2003 - some internal design changes - the routines for creating an internal universal format with the screenplay broken into pages are in development - a logging mechanism has been integrated

18. dec. 2003 - the new format has been defined, a specification will be available soon - all routines parsing the new format have been written - work on filter and format routines begins

13. dec. 2003 - redesigned the homepage (hopefully it is a bit clearer now)

12. dec. 2003 - the new homepage has been set up. the screenplay format is defined, the initial features for the first version (0.1) are defined, development starts

10. dec. 2003 - I decided to rewrite screenplay in order to make the design more clean and maintainable


17. jun. 2003 - development of screenplay will be stopped until I find enough time to continue programming it - I do not know when this will be

4. apr. 2003 - development of screenplay v0.1 will continue slowly but constantly - check out the new development logbook on the website for the latest news - the major goal is to finish the first rough 0.1 draft till 1. of july 2003

9. mar. 2003 - the next version will be version '0.1' and the current 0.1 and 0.2 will be removed, because v0.1 will be the first complete, official and free-for-testing version - the current versions should therefore give you just a rough overview of screenplay

6. mar. 2003 - created a new homepage

15. jan. 2003 - development on screenplay version 0.3 - this time with a manual - will start at the 1st of april.

12. jan. 2003 - an early snapshot of screenplay 0.2 has been released - please notice, that it has not been tested at all! but still it gives an overview of what screenplay soon will look like

11. jan. 2003 - screenplay 0.1 is released and work on version 2.0 is prepared - selected features of 0.2: output formats html, txt, info - underline/bold/italic styles (only html) - more user-defined format