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"If devotion to one's country amounts to a sin, I admit I have committed that sin. If it is meritorious, I humbly claim the merit thereof. I fully and confidently believe that if there be any other court of justice beyond the one founded by the mortals, my act will not be taken as unjust. If after the death there be no such place to reach or to go, there is nothing to be said. I have resorted to the action I did purely for the benefit of the humanity. I do say that my shots were fired at the person (Mohandas Ghandhi) whose policy and action had brought rack and ruin and destruction to lakhs of Hindus." - Shri Nathuram Godse                                                            


Hinduism is on the attack from three main groups and each is as dangerous as the other. Firstly , the Christians have an upper hand on us with the economies under their control, secondly the petro-dollars in the hands of the Muslims and thirdly, from within us, the Hindus who either falsely or for some ulterior motives believe that Hinduism can survive the onslaught in modern times as it has in the past. In times when the Christians have openly taken on the task of harvesting us to Christianity, the Muslims with their Jihad and the pseudo secularists, who will stop at nothing, the gravity of the situation will have to be realized now or the very survival of Hinduism is at risk. Join us free, together  we can make the difference and fight as one.


                          POINTS OF HINDU AGENDA

  1. From the beginning of the creation Bharatvarsha known by the name of Aryavarta and Hindusthan has been the birthplace of Hindu race and its ancestors. In the ancient history of the world, the glory of this world famous, Indivisible, sovereign Aryavarta spread over from Himalayas to the seas is clearly mentioned. It is an undisputed and self-evident Arya Rashtra or Hindu Rashtra duly supported geographically.

  2. After its freedom from the unfortunate slavery (by the Islamic Mogul Empire) of one thousand years Hindu nation as a result of its continuous struggle and unmatchable sacrifices should have got political, religious and cultural freedom in its motherland, Bharat. After the unfortunate partition of Bharatbhoomi, the remaining portion of divided Bharat inevitably and self-evidently remains and continues to be secular Bharat Bhoomi. It is indeed extremely unfortunate that due to the shortsighted and foreign-oriented thought and perception of the country, this most ancient, glorious and cultural civilisation finds itself powerless, helpless and orphaned in its own country.

  3. The political parties prompted by the spirit of pseudo secularism and not the real secularism, which the term conveys, by resorting to the policy of appeasement of anti-national elements(muslims) have rendered the mainstream Hindu Samaj deplorably orphaned and their motherland Bharatvarsha like a wretched Dharamshala.

  4. HinduUnity.org  presents this Hindu agenda before the political parties to salvage Bharat and Hindu Nation unfortunately surrounded by inimical forces and innumerable difficulties to ensure just human rights to the vast community of 80 crores in their homeland. It is the duty of every political party in the country to promise to safeguard the interests of the national mainstream, i.e., Hindu Samaj (Sanaatan, Boudha, Jain, Sikh Panths, etc.)

  5. Hindutva and nationalism in Bharat are synonymous. Hindu Samaj is indisputably the main current of Bharat. Hindu interest is the national interest. Therefore, the honour and the interests of Hindus will be protected in every manner.

  6. Every nation has a constitutional denomination. Only "Bharat" Which has the ancient, glorious and historical connotations will have constitutional recognition.

  7. The patriotic Hindus all over the world aspire to construct a magnificent temple at Sri Rama Janma Bhumi in Ayodhya in accordance with the model approved by the revered saints. The Janma Bhumi Complex will be immediately handed over by enacting a suitable legislation to Sri Rama Janma Bhumi Nyas which is in forefront of Sri Rama Janma Bhumi awakening and is recognised as such by Hindus all over the world.

  8. The Holy campuses of Sri Krishna Janmasthan at Mathura, and Sri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Gyanvapi at Varanasi which were desecrated and remodelled by the barbaric Mogul empire  will be immediately handed over to the Hindu Samaj by enacting a suitable legislation.

  9. Slaughter of Cow and its progeny shall be completely banned throughout the country by enacting an effective legislation and made a rigorously punishable offence.

  10. Gau-Seva Ministries will be formed in the centre and the states to protect environment, natural ecology and agro-economy, for establishment of self-reliant village-oriented economy, to foster and develop the national species of cow and its progeny, for production of natural and organic manure and to enhance the production of milk, butter, ghee and yogurt, etc., and to utilise the tremendous ox-power in national interest.

  11. The anti-national activity of religious conversion of Hindus by force, fraud or false propaganda by exploiting the innocence the poverty of backward communities will be strictly banned.

  12. All foreign remittances to non-governmental agencies, social, religious or service organizations or individuals will be stopped, so that the money and material so received is not misutilised for religious conversion and other divisive conspiracies.

  13. A uniform civil code will be promulgated throughout the country to check inequality, imbalance, injustice, and atrocities on women and to stop the malpractice of polygamy.

  14. Abortion and female infanticide, which promote immorality and female persecution, will be banned. More stringent penal provisions will be made against rape and kidnapping of women. Firm steps will be taken to check the scourge of dowry system.

  15. Article 370 of the Constitution, which smacks of a separate balkanised identity of Kashmir from the rest of the country, will be scrapped. The restriction on sale and purchase of property in Kashmir by Bharatiya citizens will be abolished.

  16. The Kashmiri Hindu migrants will be honourably rehabilitated. Their snatched properties will be restored and the deprived Hindu families will be compensated. Adequate arrangements for their security will also be made.

  17. Secessionist demands and propaganda in Kashmir or anywhere else in the country, or indulging in violent activity will be ruthlessly repressed. Secessionist demand will be a strict penal anti-national offence.

  18. Terrorism results in untold sufferings to the people of the country. Therefore, the very source, whether internal or external, will be uprooted by determined action of the Government.

  19. The special rights and privileges granted to the minorities(muslims)  will be made available to all sections of the society to end inequality.

  20. Universally recognised, well-developed and scientific language Sanskrit will be made a compulsory subject of study throughout the country.

  21. Mother tongue will invariably be the medium of primary education.

  22. Teaching of Bharatiya culture and Dharma will be made compulsory.

  23. The status of second official language accorded by certain states to Urdu in foreign script will be withdrawn.

  24. The distorted presentation of modern, social and cultural history of Bharat will be re-written by honest, patriotic and learned historians and archaeologists. The teaching syllabus shall be accordingly reformed.

  25. Singing of "Vande Maataram" everyday will be compulsory in all educational institutions.

  26. Pooja, Archana and religious construction activities of math, mandirs and ashrams will be deemed a charitable activity and will be entitled for exemption from the income tax.

  27. A specified portion of Government revenue shall be earmarked for the various Dharmic, charitable objects of the taxpayers.

  28. Efforts will be made at Government level to spread and develop Ayurveda and other indigenous medical systems.

  29. Government interference and control on pilgrim centres, muths, mandirs and ashrams will be removed and they will be made autonomous for proper management.

  30. Pilgrimages shall be made tax-free. Ministries shall be established at the centre and in the states to restore the glory of pilgrim centres and to develop them as also to facilitate and encourage pilgrimage.

  31. Drinking and non-vegetarianism will be discouraged by the Government. All meat export from the country will be banned. All big mechanical abattoirs will be closed.

  32. Vigorous efforts will be made for immediate expulsion of all those who have infiltrated into Bharat after 1st January, 1970. Country's borders will be issued to the residents of bordering areas.

  33. Pervasive arrangements will be made for the cleanliness, piety and glory of religious centres and rivers.

  34. Terrorist and anti-national activities will be ruthlessly crushed by appropriate legal provisions.

  35. Any denigration of, or disrespect to, any faith including Hindu culture, belief or tradition, or any venerated character, by audio-visual, written or spoken means will be a penal offence and strictly enforced.

  36. National economic policy will be based on Swadeshi and self- reliance.

  37. It shall be the moral duty or the Government to protect the religious and cultural rights of non-resident Bharatiyas living in neighboring and far off countries and to develop their Dharmic, cultural and social relations.

  38. Non-resident Bharatiyas will be treated as Bharatiya citizens.

  39. The old and glorious historical names of towns, roads and places will be restored.

  40. Prominent Hindu festivals will be declared national holidays.

  41. The rights and privileges accorded to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes will be withdrawn on their conversion.

  42. In view of the unimpeachable historical, literary and archaeological evidence, the places of Worship (Special Provision) Act, 1991 shall be suitably modified/repealed.

  43. Minority Commission and similar partisan institutions will be abolished.

  44. Recruitment in armed, paramilitary and police forces on communal lines will not be permitted.


Do I have to be a Hindu to join HinduUnity.org? Are non-Hindus allowed to join ?

All our Hindu brothers and sisters are deeply welcome to join our cause. Anyone can join HinduUnity.org providing that they support the cause of Hindutva and a forming a Hindu Rashtra in India. 

How does HinduUnity.org feel about Muslims and Christians?

India by all means claims to be secular but minorities have more rights than Hindus.  This is absolutely not fair and will not be tolerated.  India spends millions of rupees on sending Muslims to Mecca for their Hajj all at Indian tax payers money.  What do Hindus get? Nothing!   Hindutva activists are being assassinated in broad day light by pro-Jihad activists.  Islam's agenda for India is total conquer and conversion of it's citizens to Islam.  If Hindus don't wake up, then we are doomed.  Muslim birth rate in India is out of control.   Should Hindus wait until muslims become the majority ? We think not!

Christians on the other hand are using immoral means
to convert Hindus into Christianity.  Sari wearing nuns enter a poor village with food, clothing and money.   The rest is history.  Some other methods are too immoral to even address here. We are strongly against this practice and we will fight whichever way possible against to counter act it.  

Where should all the existing Muslims in India go ? 

We believe that they all should have taken advantage of the 1947 partition.   All muslims should go back to Pakistan and Bangladesh where I am sure they will be welcomed.  Muslims who wish to stay back in India should behave themselves and not ask for special privilegedes. They should also realize that Bharat is a Hindu nation where Hindu rules and regulations apply.   We believe that no political seats should be held by muslims in India as there is not a single Hindu who holds a seat in Pakistan and any other muslim nation. Why should India oblige and appease muslims in this manner?  No reason.

Why does HinduUnity.org want a Hindu Rastra as opposed to a 100% secular government?

India is the land of the Hindu people just as Isreal is the land of the
Jews.  Being 100% secular is impossible.  Islam is not a secular religion. It's sole purpose is Jihad, whichever means possible.  India has gone through 1400 years of Mogul (Afghan Barbarians) rule and we lost billions of our Hindu brothers/sisters who refused Islam.  Many were put to the sword. Heads chopped off.  Many burned alive.  What our  Hindu women had to go through was unimaginable. Thus has Islam changed since then? No it hasn't.  The Koran's agenda for the Kafir is death. Hinduism on the other hand is a religion based on 100% secularism where we respect all faiths.  So how can we have a 100% secular government when Jihad is a basic principal in Koran?    India has to be a Hindu nation at all costs.

Does HinduUnity.org promote Hindu Fundamentalism ? Are you a militant organization? Who is behind this your organization?

We are patriots and we love our Motherland and we want to see it liberated.  Hindus who love India and wish to protect Hinduism and are willing to die for it are behind this organization.  

Is HinduUnity.org a front for Hinduvta groups like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc. ?

We are a family and operate as a family unit regardless of different
organizational names.  

  HinduUnity.org's views on the Babri Masjid incident?

We demand that the Muslim community of India recognizes the rights of Hindu society to these three shrines: Kashi Vishvanath in Varanasi, Krishna Janmabhoomi in Mathura and Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya.

Against this perfectly reasonable demand, yet another smear campaign has been unleashed, saying that we preach "revenge". We have no inclination at all to inflict revenge on the Muslim community. We do not even demand "compensation" or "restitution". We do not even demand the return of the thousands of places of worship that have been forcibly replaced with mosques. Let the local Muslim communities continue to use them. All we demand, is the return of three sacred places.

We merely want three places back, three age-old sacred places. And we would prefer getting them back from the Muslim community, to getting them back by an official decree. For the Muslim community, this is an excellent opportunity to make up voluntarily for the huge massacres, temple-destruction and sword point conversions which its earlier generations inflicted upon Hindu society.

In the past two years many nations and communities have chosen to make a formal recognition of past errors and apologized to the descendants of their victims. The Japanese through their emperor have apologized to the Koreans for the oppression in the half century preceding 1945. The Soviet Union apologized to the Koreans for the start of the Korean war. The Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa has apologized to the blacks for its ideological support to the apartheid system. The way to make a new beginning goes via the recognition of the wrongs of the past.

So the time is ripe. We would like the Indian Muslim community to rise to the occasion of its own free will. Muslims should understand what kind of messages they are sending by insisting on continuing the
occupation of our sacred places, an occupation which was started by
fanatics like Babar and Aurangzeb. It's time the Muslim community  prove that they are not the heirs and followers of such invaders and tyrants. It is up to them to make a gesture that will signify a formal break with this painful past.

VHP ON RETURN OF THE THREE HOLY SITES (Part of note submitted to the Govt. of India on Jan 6, 1991)

What are your views on Sonia Ghandhi?

She should go back to Italy asap. The entire Ghadhi-Nehru dysnaty has left a bad taste in our mouths.  The rot and the break down of our foundation (after 1947) can be blamed to this dynasty.  This rot still continues on today when our pseudo-seculars gave power to Sonia.  Her pro-Christian/Islam policies are hurting Hindus of India today. Thus we strongly believe she needs to be removed from office as soon as possible by whatever means possible.

What are you views on Mohandas K. Ghandhi?

Gandhi was a downright PACIFIST, without guts and SCRUPLES. His constant preaching to his fellow Hindus, to be non violent at all times, EVEN IN THE FACE OF AGGRESSION, paralyzed the manhood of India, mentally and physically, to such an extent that they were (and still are) a degenerated, docile, submissive and subservient race on earth, ever ready to appease and surrender (1947), get slaughtered (Kashmir) and be kicked (Uganda, 1972, and Fiji 1987 and 2000). The Ghandhi/Nehru dynasty has led of the rot of Bharat as we know today.

Who in your opinion should rule India today?

The perfect man for this job is Shri Bala Thackeray of Shiv Sena or perhaps Shri Narendra Modi (BJP) who have displayed a true dedication to the Hindu cause.  

Why doesn't Hindunity.org preach Ahimsa which is one of the major pillars in Hinduism ?

When Dharma is under attack by rogues of uncivilized barbarians, then the concept of Ahimsa becomes useless.  The Gandhi-Nehru dynasty has left the Hindu mind frame in a shell-shock, cowardly nature.  It is surprising to see how one man has changed the fate of a great culture and civilization so much so that we have lost our self-respect and pride as Hindus.  Ahimsa only works when dealing with civilized cultures.  Unfortunately we don't live in civilized times, thus true Ahimsa will only back-fire as we have seen.  Shri Krishna in the Mahabharat has shown us that evil has to be destroyed.  It is our duty to protect the truth. It is our Dharma.

Are you not flooding the minds of young Hindu youth to become violent in nature against all other religions?

Absolutely not.  Our policy is simple.  Don't mess with Hinduism,  its followers and our mother land of India or we'll mess with you.    Hindu youths need to know the truth like it is.  If they don't take a stand now, their children will be going to Mosques and Churches within no time. They will loose everything Hindu in them.  Nahi naam or nishan!  Hindu youths must learn to be proud of being Hindus.  They must stand tall and ready to deal with the nuisances that hinders the progress of Hinduism and Hindustan!  

What is this Soldiers of Hindutva group? 

Young, strong and fearless group of Hindus who are willing to die for the cause of Hindutva.  The protectors of the faith!

What is HinduUnity.org's future plans?

Muslims talk of liberating Kashmir. We intend to liberate our Bharat
which includes Jammu and Kashmir and the rest of India.  Let it also be known that India will not loose anymore land.  There will be no partition or separate states created to suit  minorities.  India will remain a union or blood shed will be inevitable. 

Is war inevitable with Pakistan? 

The war already began long time ago.  Our jawans die mercilessly at the LoC.  To us, even if one jawan dies, it's as good as war.  Yes an all out war will erupt if Pakistan does not stop terrorist activities in Jammu & Kashmir as well as ISI terrorist activities in India. Peace loving Hindus will eventually take up arms and protect what is left of their religion, people and culture.  Liberation has it's costs.

Who is a Hindu

A Hindu is one that believes in one God who incarnates, as and when He feels fit, in the shape and form He wants. God creates,  sustains and destroys when time comes. Many names and forms are given to each with the love and affection of each individual devotee. Our Dharma is eternal, so is God and all the souls. It is our conviction that body dies but not the soul. The old scriptures are a guide to salvation and an individual can steadily make his way back to God in the speed and path selected. Karma (deeds) and results of Karma are the basis of our lives. Knowing  that good karma will bring good results and vice versa, our lives can be guided towards fruition of Salvation termed as Moksha. Guru plays a very important part in molding our lives and whilst the Holy book Gita can be accepted as Guru so can the word of Guru Nanak . A Hindu may or may not agree to some of the points above but he will willingly give his fellow human the right to practice religion as and how the other sees fit.

 Protect Hinduism and Hindu Causes

Hindus have been demeaned willfully by the Muslims and Christians for a period of over thousand years. United we can bring an end to it. We have been through a time when being a Hindu was considered  a lowly thing, not only from the Muslims and Christians but also amongst ourselves. That mentality has to be gotten rid of as of today. By making a protest , personally , by letters and via Email together we can flood any individual, organizations and governments with mails to listen to our causes , concerns, needs and views.

 Motivate Hindu Pride

This basically links with the preceding paragraph. A Hindu can pride himself in way more than one can imagine. Some highlights are, our contribution in all fields for Human development from the very  zero itself to the understanding of the creation. Numerous data is available to prove this beyond a speck of doubt.

 Protest in unity against Anti-Hindu propaganda

Using the might of sword of simple protest and non-violent methods, Mahatma Gandhi was able to give us the independence from the British Government, which was the very epitome of power at the time. Times have changed, he had no United Nations to go to and did not have the internet to form a power beyond apprehension. Today we can sit on our computers and send messages at the click of a finger and if the messages are powerful enough and in substantial numbers the achievements thus derived will keep our causes on the front burner.

 Counter conversions

Conversions come in ways unknown to us. Christian Missionary's work with the intention to convert. The base of aid in the way of medicines, schools , universities and development are not for the betterment of the population at large. The base of it all , the purpose is conversion to Christianity. 

The problem between India and Pakistan is not Kashmir, it is Islam and the teachings of Koran, whereby the world has to be conquered by all means to be converted to the path to Allah. If the case of all the surrounding countries for India is not a clear example, than we can term it suicidal spiritual blindness. Only one example will suffice; Indonesia is today 87% Muslims . Examples of the Philippines, Burma, and others are not any different. With the Islam comes the teaching of Arabic and a total cultural revolution follows without question. That would include hatred for all that the population stood for before conversion. If India today is not going to wake up. the country will be totally annihilated into little parts. Parts of India are already clamoring for separation having either Muslim or Christian majority. If for any reason, one thinks America will not support  the fight for separation in another state , think twice. Examples of Kosova, Bosnia, Timor, Chechnya and still to come another piece of Indonesia is about to fall to the same. 

Both Christians and Muslims will never stop to think that if and when a period comes when half the world is Islam and the rest Christian , then .... what ? They will be like the film Omen whereby, it is brother against brother, on either shores etc..

 Promote Hinduism around the globe

By being aware of what is going on in the world today from Hindu point of view, we shall keep ourselves aware and ready to act in cases of necessity. This will be the duty of all of us to be  in touch at this website, getting news from us, we shall get a lot of information from you all around the world. This will be a joint task. Webmaster cannot do it by himself nor does he expect to. With a click from our end millions of us will be aware of a situation anywhere in the world and act as seen fit.

 Educate our children on basic Hindu beliefs

By reading the basics of Hinduism at this site one can instill this very essential knowledge to our children who are sometimes totally ignorant to the hidden agenda of our hard core enemies. If nothing else make our children aware and give them the foundation that our parents gave us and no one dare try convert us. The knowledge of Shlokas, epics and the rest can be up to individuals and recommended.  

Support fellow Hindu organizations and individuals

Too often have we heard that Hindus do not support  Hindus and on the contrary hinder the progress of his fellow Hindu This is the remnants of the slave mentality left over from the 1000 year history of being oppressed by Muslims and Christians. Let us wake up and stand by our brothers and sisters.

 Promote good-will and peace

In the new Millennium the name Hindu will be spoken with respect not only due to the solid foundation that this website will bring about but we shall be respected for our contribution to world in all fields of development. Hindus are today making progress that all of us are not aware of , the message board and chats at this site will be a powerful tool to broadcast news instantly as it happens with little effort.  An instilled pride will make us better world citizens and very well respected.

 Please show us your support by joining our Email list.

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  "Hinduize politics and militarize Hindus! - Veer Savarkar 


What Hindus Should do Part I
What Hindus Should do Part II
What Hindus Should do Part III
What Hindus Should do Part IV


"Most people are not willing to sacrifice themselves for their country and religion. We are! Does this make us militants? Not at all. It makes up proud patriotic Hindus, who will make sure that Hinduism survives for all of our future generations. We are the protectors of dharma and we will do anything to destroy adharma."
- Sanjay Sharma, Pres. HinduUnity.org


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