Romney: McCain-Kennedy “Reasonable”

Posted on October 31st, 2007
By Sean Hackbarth in Immigration

Since Gov. Romney has been running for President for so long you would think his spokesman would know the record of his own candidate.

In a statement Kevin Madden said:

Governor Romney strongly opposed the McCain-Kennedy [immigration] legislation and was a vocal critic of the blanket amnesty it provided to lawbreakers with the Z-visa provision.

How does that square with reality?

In 2005, Romney called McCain’s Senate legislative proposal “reasonable.” The Boston Globe recorded the governor saying:

I think that an amnesty program is one which all of the illegal immigrants who are here are now citizens and walk in and get your citizenship. What the President has proposed and what Senator McCain and Cornyn have proposed are quite different from that. They require people signing up for a, well registering and receiving if you will, a number, a registration number, then working here for six years and paying taxes. Not taking benefits, health, Medicaid, food stamps, and so forth. Not getting benefits. And then at the end of that period, registering to become a citizen or applying to become a citizen and paying a fee. And those are the things that are being considered, and I think that those are reasonable proposals.

Let me note two things:

  1. Gov. Romney didn’t think McCain-Kennedy was amnesty.
  2. He considered the bill “reasonable.”

Where’s the part about Gov. Romney strongly opposing McCain-Kennedy?

And since I’ve got your attention two years ago Gov. Romney said he would be “delighted to provide support” to illegal immigrants who sought legal residence.

Truly an odd way of being on the “forefront on this issue.”

UPDATE: I have another blast from Gov. Romney’s past. Last year, he supported the McCain-Kennedy-Bush amnesty bill:

Meantime, one of McCain’s potential rivals for the GOP nomination, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, has made it known that he supports the president’s immigration position, saying that Republicans who have broken rank with Bush “made a big mistake.”

Again, quite a way to be at the “forefront” on immigration.

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