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Liberty University and Answers in Genesis To Co-Sponsor 2005 Creation Mega Conference
July 8, 2005

Liberty University and Answers in Genesis will co-sponsor the 2005 Creation Mega Conference.  The six-day conference will begin on July 17, 2005 on the campus of Liberty University and will feature many of the world’s greatest scholars and researchers in creation apologetics.
Dr. David DeWitt, Director of the Center for Creation Studies and Associate Professor of Biology at Liberty University is one of 27 speakers at the conference.  Dr. DeWitt’s first presentation is titled “Molecular Evidence of Creation,” in which Dr. DeWitt will expound on how cell complexity provides evidence of magnificent design rather than random chance.  The second presentation Dr. DeWitt will deliver is “Image of God or Planet of Apes.”  This presentation will highlight the differences between humans and chimpanzees, ultimately showing that humans did not evolve from ape-like ancestors, but rather, created by God.
“The debate over evolution and creationism is not going away.  This conference will provide a mechanism for Christians to communicate information about creationism from reputable scientists; information that is often brushed aside by evolutionists,” said Dr. DeWitt.
DeWitt has been at Liberty University since 1996 and has taught a variety of science and creation courses.  In addition, DeWitt has received a number of grants which fund his research on Alzheimer’s disease, including one grant from the National Institutes of Health.  Furthermore, DeWitt was recognized by Liberty University with the 2001 President’s Award for teaching excellence.
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