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Topic Summary
Posted on: February 09, 2008, 04:15:52 PM New message
Posted by: jamestpickett
While I am both embarrassed and angry.  If I can save just one person from Richard Divers scams, it will be worth it.  As i have since learned Richard has been preying on IM's for a long time, and counting on human nature that no one would rat him out. I am a member of the Warrior forum, a well respected forum on Internet Marketing.  I made Post march 2007 for help to take my online business to the next level.  Richard replied, he is a "Senior Warrior" in the forum and well over a thousand posts.  He claimed to be very well connected in the IM community and that he was a mentor to many famous and notable people, but he could not divulge who they were.  In retrospect, i was beyond stupid, but I took him at face value.  He said he charged $1500 for an "mentoring evaluation" and if he chose to work with me, then it would cost more.  We, and it was we, agreed to put up a new site, and that he would have his "team" do a first class site.  But he needed $5000 to get started. I sent the money by PayPal.  Months went by, Richard did not return my emails, his SKYPE always showed him "away", I sent messages anyway, he never replied.  A couple of times, he answere his cell phone, but quickly said he was tied up and would call me back, he didn't.   In JULY, on a Sunday morning he called to give me web address to see my new site.  I was flabbergasted, I could have done a better job on FrontPage on my computer, plus it wasn't functional.  Well, Richard has an answer for everything, he said the site was just a "first cut"... eh!! And that he would fix it to my satisfaction.  Now here is stupid thing I did and fell for. He told me to set up all the merchant accounts, including PayPal, he needed my PayPal access info, I gave it to him.  He cleaned out my PayPal account two days later, another $5000. I have now changed all my passwords, broke the link from domain name to his server. I have repeatedly asked him for my money back, at the very least the $5000 that was supposed to (LOL) go for marketing, etc. 
I notified Allen at Warrior Forum about my experience and that Richard was preying on Forum members and compomising the integrity  of the Warrior Forum.  I sent him links to this Forum and others that I have since found.  I included my telphone and e-mail if he wanted to know more. To date, I have heard nothing, and Richard still show as a member of the Forum  I wasted a year and lost $10,500.  I was stupid and naive', but that does not excuse Richard in anyway.  He is a con artist and a crook. BEWARE OF RICHARD DRIVER.
Posted on: January 11, 2008, 08:52:25 PM
Posted by: horwhfli
 btyxqrdk http://ncixtats.com hmmfjctw zwzotjiq  <a href="http://vsmfzykj.com">jdnnhkmy</a>  fleaatdb
Posted on: January 11, 2008, 07:20:23 AM
Posted by: EricG
I have had a very similar experience with the snake known as Richard Driver.  In all honesty and without any reservation I can say that Richard Driver is a SCAM.

He's royally pissed off so many people in Montreal.

If you meet him, beware.  He's a venomous snake that will pour honey in your ear while emptying your wallet.  He'll tell you exactly what you want to hear until you give him money and then he will deliver nothing.  All the meanwhile coming up with the most outrageous excuses.

My favorite excuses he gave to us was that he "fried his daughter's computer by putting the memory chip backwards".  It was at that point that I knew we had been taken for a ride and that our money was as good as gone.

So I setup a blog (http://richarddriver.blogspot.com/) to try to warn others before they part with their hard earned dollars.  If you've been scammed by Richard Driver, it would help if you would link to the blog to make sure that people know about it.

I invite you to also post comments and share with the users how this snake got you.

The worst part about it is that he's the administrator to 2 internet marketing newbie websites.  Talk about letting the pedophile in the school yard.  I fear for all these green internet marketers who will think that he's an authoritie (mispelt on purpose) because he's the admin.

Good luck to everyone on their ventures
Posted on: December 17, 2007, 02:02:56 PM
Posted by: ericm

Well I can shed some light on this charlatan. I was introduced to Richard from another person, locally, in Montreal. Yes, I have met this greasy, snake oil salesman in person, many many times. During the course of him building his false promises, and basically explaining to us how he is going to make us rich.

Visit www.richarddriver.com and www.santas.com to see this con mans face, and never ever bother with this scammer. He took my friend and I for over 5 000 cash. At first, he made us believe he was some big shot, millionaire, expert marketer. Took us to a few fancy restaurants in retrospect, (with our money) that we had already given to him. He would talk on and on about how he makes 30k a day online, with his websites. Really, just talking nonsense, and not talking about anything business or marketing related. Its apparent to us now, that he doesn't know anything about marketing, only duping naive people. But we thought it would be okay because were meeting him locally, and he seemed nice at first.

He told us, that we needed to prove to him why we are worthy of his mentoring and his time. Because he kept repeating that he charges $1000 per hour of "consulting" and that we really needed to be serious about doing business with him. He said that paying a downpayment, proves to him that we are serious, and dedicated, and its also a security that we will work hard for our investment. So he gives us a ludicrous fee of 30 000$ for his "mentoring" (see more of his mentoring at www.richarddriver.com)
and that we could pay on a plan, with a 5000$ down payment. After that payment, he would help us start making money, essentially take us under his wing.

You see, when someone falsely misrepresents them self as a millionaire, the victims get a little blind sided. They start seeing themselves like they have a real, serious business partner. Someone who knows how to package a product, get traffic, and make money, make millions of dollars, because thats what he told us, many many times.

I should have known better when he kept driving up in a 10 year old, beat up Chrysler minivan. Anyhow, after the money was payed to him, he started to come up with excuses. One after the other. Funny thing is, the exact same excuses/lies were used here as well, to this person he scammed see ther post here http://www.ozemedia.com/cgi-bin/webbbs/webbbs_config.pl?read=41575

So he never delivered on his duties, never supplied the website or the proper business consulting. This guy is a poor old man, he claims to have had many successful businesses, but in fact their all shady, just like he is. He is not a millionaire, he just makes a living selling a few crappy products here and there. But he makes most of his money, with his fraud of a consulting business, where he basically yells at you on the phone, tells you hes a unprofessional, makes you feel stupid, (and himself feel better) all the while making excuses and never actually giving you ANY information, marketing, or any help what so ever. Hes a real ego maniac as well. You cant argue with him, you cant tell him hes wrong, or ask him for business advice in any way, after you have paid. Because if you do, he will get this furious look on his face (when confronted) and threaten to cut all ties with you, threaten that you are not serious about business, yada yada yada.

All the while, making excuses week after week, month after month, until you get so fed up with his cons you just consider your money lost, and leave him alone. And that is his plan all along. So that is our experience with him.

Have a nice day Cheesy Cheesy

Posted on: November 02, 2007, 10:09:12 AM
Posted by: letorot
Posted on: December 27, 2006, 03:44:56 PM
Posted by: tdinoz
Mlm dude (google it)   possibly trying to MLM surfers and call it a union

Glorifed mailing list is possibly what he is building or was havent heard a croak

about him for long time.

I dislike mlm by the way,  it is always "this one will make you financially secure

for life"!!  Tell me if that is the case why do these same mlm dudes have another

"this one will make you financially secure for life" each fortnight month season,?

 Grin Grin
Posted on: September 27, 2006, 12:07:31 PM
Posted by: chattie
I thought donotdiesickandpoor was the surfers union.......am I missing something here.......
Well thats what they claim lol however read the above posts and you will see its just a scam $3,000.00 for a site to be verified!!
Posted on: September 27, 2006, 07:55:50 AM
Posted by: Curt Crowley
I thought donotdiesickandpoor was the surfers union.......am I missing something here.......
Posted on: September 13, 2006, 11:36:59 PM
Posted by: chattie
Good post "K" Just to show you what a scammer he is he is charging sites $3,000.00 to be verified by his "so-called" "surfers union"  Huh Geez! Won't this crap ever end  Angry
Posted on: September 13, 2006, 05:31:03 AM
Posted by: kakarukeys

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A �Surfer Union�? Or Spammy BS?
Published August 31st, 2006 0 Comments

i was actually intending to take a break from blogging today and work on the new web hosting site. a lot still has to be done and testing the AWBS software to make sure everything syncs seamlessly before it goes public. once i�m satisfied with the knick knacks, we�ll launch the new site. hopefully, we don�t have any major bugs. more about that later tomorrow perhaps. in the mean time, i�m still having very good vibes on GoldnDaily & ReinDeerSurf. man, i just love these 2 proggies right now. seeing the gold in my account and hearing "kaching"!

so i was talking to Dolphin on Yahoo earlier on. she told me about how a guy at the ASA forum going by "lsurf2" PMed her on the forum about some "Surfer Union". now i don�t know what they really talked about but from what i gathered, Dolphin was rather ticked off when this "lsurf2" character replied in his last to her PM with her personal info. when asked where he got that from, he said it was from her site info. whatever it is, i just find it distasteful to go snooping around on someone and start PMing them on a forum. yes, i don�t hide my WHOIS info too. not that i have a reason to hide it. guess the real sick thing here is this guy continues to not wanna identify himself when asked who he really is. not just by Dolphin but by everyone else on the ASA forum. see the 2 threads he started below.

Serious Discussion For All Surfers Going On Right Now

Surfer Union Registration Now Open

well, i did a little snooping around on him myself and guess what? this guy goes around snooping but chooses to hide his WHOIS information. see below.


well, what intrigued me was the current server data was in "Blacklisted Status". now for those of you who don�t know what that means, it basically means that the DNS records on a particular server has been blacklisted for spams. so guess what i did? well i dug a little further. not much just on his nameserver which is SERVER.RICHDRIVER.COM. results are below


then i did a reverse IP check on that site and this is what you get.


a total of 18 sites listed on that server. now honestly, 18 sites ain�t that much so no calls for alarms required. then again, if you look at the sites carefully, you�ll notice that most of them are of some shady nature. either promising you some crappy nutritional supplements or Google manipulating techniques which obvious never works close to how it�s all hyped and promised to be. it�s no wonder that the particular server has been blacklisted. send a truckloads of spam emails eh? in fact, of the 18 sites, a whole bunch of them don�t even have a web page, are under construction or claim to be re-opening soon. now, if a server has been blacklisted for sending spam emails, it won�t do any good at all since your emails will most probably be caught by most spam boxes would it?

here�s the info on the blacklisting


list on the 18 sites here. go see for yourself.



















so i hear that this "lsurf2" guy has his "Surf Union" site in "pre-launch" and is getting members to join while it�s "free"? and he requires your first & last name including your email address when you register for "free" and yet he hides his information and refuses to disclose his identity? i don�t know who this guy is and i never heard of him but i mean seriously. he claims to wanna fight back at scamming admins. just how does he intend to do that? "hunt the rabbits" he says. with what? make sure these admins do time in the slammer? you gotta to be kidding me right? if anyone was that good, tell me why we haven�t got our money back at StormPay aka ScumPay? i�ll like to see him go after them and get us our money back before Christmas if he�s so very vigilante.

oh and another thing. for someone as resourceful as he is claiming  himself to be or at the very least leading surfers to believe that he is, why on earth is he on a blacklisted server? so you would trust his resourcefulness when he can�t even choose a proper server? hey, you know what? maybe he�s harvesting your information so he can spam you later? maybe he�s gonna sell your information to "Harrolds Media"! heck how do you know he�s not gonna do that. and if he did, can you get at him? nope, cos you know why? he�s hiding all this time. now why would you give out your personal information or believe any of this BS from someone as shady as "lsurf2"? oh and of course Jake at ASA thinks the "Surfer Union" is a great idea. why am i not surprised? to all of you reading this. i have only one sentence for you� "OIH! DON�T BE STUPID LA!" ok, i�m gonna get off my soapbox and grab a beer. this is just about as hilariously and dumb as it gets. after that, i�m gonna get back to working on the hosting site. let�s see if i can get it up and running in time for the September Mad Hosting Special.

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