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By Chis Jefferies

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The French Bulldog is a clown in a lap dog. It enjoys playing and entertaining its family, as well as cuddling and snoozing with its favorite person. It is amiable, sweet, companionable and willing to please. 

An important distinction should be made between the temperament and behavior.  Temperament reflects the general behavior of the breed, qualities acquired at birth.  Behavior is most often the result of some environmental factor such as where and how the dog was raised and who may have been its previous owners.  French Bulldogs are as susceptible to these environmental influences as any other dog.

The French Bulldog has minimal exercise requirements, although it is a fun-loving dog.  It enjoys a romp outdoors, but it doesn’t do well in hot, humid weather. Most cannot swim.  A short walk on lead is sufficient to meet most of its physical needs.  This breed should not live outdoors.  The Frenchie snores and may wheeze and drool. It requires minimal coat care, but its facial wrinkles should be regularly cleaned.

Form and Function
The Frenchie shares many of the traits that made its bulldog ancestors so successful in the bull-baiting arena: low center of gravity, wide body, heavy bone, muscular build and large, square head.  It has soft loose skin forming wrinkles about the head and shoulders.  Unlike the bulldog, it has an alert, curious expression, which is aided by its bar ears.  Also, unlike the bulldog, its movement is unrestrained and free, with reach and drive. It is a hardy, entertaining home companion and a solid lap dog.

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