Death in Nyumbani

A celebration of Charles R. Saunder's


Imaro, Pomphis, and Tanisha--copyright 1984, James Gurney, all rights reserved

Copyright 1984, James Gurney, all rights reserved


Among them will come
The Child of Wonder
And they will
Know him not.

Kane by Ken Kelly

Great news for Imaro fans!

In April, 2006, Night Shade Books published the first of a projected five volume set comprising the complete Imaro saga, written by Charles Saunders. Imaro contains a substantially rewritten version of the original 1981 DAW paperback. This book has been out of print for the past twenty-five years and has been exceedingly hard to find. This is the author's preferred text, revised especially for the Night Shade edition.

For more specific information about this volume, click on either book title, or click on the picture to enter the Imaro page on Night Shade's website.

Death in Nyumbani

Imaro Gazetteer Echos of Lost Nyumbani
A world age gazetteer of the peoples and places in the Imaro Saga.
Imaro Glossary The Tongue of a Continent
A glossary of the Nyumbanian names in the Imaro Saga.
Imaro Timeline Benematapa
A hypothetical timeline of Imaro's life and times.
Imaro Atlas An Atlas of Nyumbani
A cartographic look at the world of Imaro's time.
Imaro Sources Death's Friend
A bibliography of Charles R. Saunder's Nyumbani stories.
Essays and Articles Musings on the Age of Imaro
Essays, articles, opinions, and pretty much anything else I care to write about Charles R. Saunder's Imaro Saga.
More to come soon....  

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