Liars, No Age Members Team for Sissy Spacek Show
The band, not the actress, awesome though that would be

Prolific avant artist and noisenik (also Sunn O))) collaborator) John Wiese will play a show with his group Sissy Spacek at Los Angeles' the Smell tomorrow night (December 13). But Sissy Spacek are from L.A., so another hometown show is no big deal, right?

Not quite, since the Sissy Spacek playing this show isn't the usual duo or trio. It's the Sissy Spacek 13-Tet, a 13-piece orchestra consisting of members of bands like Liars, No Age, White Magic, and Mika Miko.

The 13-Tet will perform two sets at the Smell on Thursday, and the full list of the orchestra's members (including what they'll play) is as follows:

Mitchell Brown (ex-Gasp), percussion
Kate Hall (Mika Miko), percussion
Joseph Hammer (L.A. Free Music Society), tape
Aaron Hemphill (Liars), guitar
Tim Koh (White Magic), percussion
Giles Miller, woodwinds
Damion Romero (ex-Slug), electronics
Corydon Ronnau (Obstacle Corpse), guitar
Jarrett Silberman (ex-Young People), guitar
Dean Spunt (No Age), percussion
David Scott Stone, electronics
Shannon Walter (16 Bitch Pile-Up), electronics
John Wiese, electronics

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