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9:00am ET, 10-December-01

 Connelly Embraces The Hulk

Jennifer Connelly, who will play Betty Ross in the upcoming Hulk film, told SCI FI Wire that she was attracted to director Ang Lee's philosophical perspective on the Marvel Comics superhero. "I asked him why he wanted to make The Hulk, and he said, 'Well, it's really a Greek tragedy. It's actually a psychodrama,'" Connelly said in an interview. "He talks about the rage inside all of us, he talks about fathers and sons, and he's talking about using a heightened format to get at something really profound that is otherwise more difficult to access. So, I'm hearing it like Brechtian theater."

Connelly added, "It's really interesting and ambitious. He's not talking about a guy running around in green tights and a glossy fun-filled movie for kids. He's talking along the lines of tragedy and psychodrama. I find it interesting, the green monster of rage and greed, jealousy and fear in all of us."

Connelly said it's too soon to think about how she'll approach her character, as there is not even a script yet, and her familiarity with previous incarnations won't be much help. "I used to watch the old TV series when I was a kid, but this is going to be very different than that," she said. "We're going to have one actor play both parts." Connelly begins shooting The Hulk in March 2002. The film is scheduled for a 2003 release.

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