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Exclusive - AMD FireGL V3600

A New Dawn – It’s a New Day with a New Beginning.   The Red Fire at Night; A Shepherds delight – A RED Sky in the Morning; The Shepherds Warning.    

It has now been nearly 18 months since something exciting has came out from the FireGL team and the last set of FireGL Cards brought from the launch to date, a flurry of buy from OEM’s and System Integrators.   The cards brought with them new technology, aggressive pricing which set the professional graphics industry alight.    This approach had had not been heard of and most certainly pushed the FireGL cards into play and a force to be reasoned with.   Now, we see the long awaited launch of a new range of FireGL cards which will most certainly bring back that excitement not seen for a long time in the FireGL camp.

Today we had an excusive first look at the FireGL V3600 card.   This is an entry level workstation card designed for those all important professional applications.

Let’s move onwards to the next page and firstly look at the line up of new cards and what they have to offer?   (Slides courtesy of AMD FireGL PR Dept)

Page 1 - Introduction Part I
Page 2 - Introduction Part II
Page 3 - System Configurations and Benchmarks Used
Page 4 - Cinebench 9.5 Benchmark
Page 5 - MSI P35 Neo
SPECviewperf® 10.0 Results
Page 6 - MSI K9N Diamond SPECviewperf® 10.0 Results
Page 7 - Supermicro C2SBA+ SPECviewperf® 10.0 Results
Page 8 -
Dell Precision 690 SPECviewperf® 10.0 Results
Page 9 -
*UPDATE* Dell Precision 690 SPECviewperf® 10.0 Results with 3.0GHz Woodcrest Xeons
Page 10 - Conclusions

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