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Agent Scully Gets Her G-Man (PG) Blackmail and confessions.

The Black Coffee Series

      Black Coffee In Bed (R)The musings of a disappointed man.   3rd Place, 2000 Spooky Awards, Best Scully/Other.

      Someone Else (PG-13) Scully's turn.

      Things You Think and Things You Know (PG-13) Mulder's turn.

      Decaffeination (PG-13) The return of Mike, the Mysterious Other.

Dana Katherine's Secret (NC-17) Mulder takes Scully out on a long overdue date.

Getting Better (NC-17) Scully's very bad, horrible, no good, rotten day. Written as a Scullyfic Improv story.

Hooky (PG-13) A little fun on a gorgeous spring day.

Guitar Hero (PG)Post-Requiem silliness. Mulder's been returned, but with a new quirk.

I Stole Your G-Man! (PG-13) I'm not sure why they're on the Jerry Springer Show, but there they are.

Looking For America (PG-13) In a post-colonization world, a lonely woman named Kate befriends a lonely FBI agent with a dark heart. I wonder who that is?   Runner-up, 1999 Spooky Awards, Best Mulder/Other.

Lux Aeterna (PG) After yet another brush with death, Scully decides to broach a difficult subject with Mulder.

Marry Our Fortunes (R) Sequel to "Looking For America." Kate and Mulder arrive in Vancouver, only to be further pawns in the game.   Winner, 2000 Spooky Awards, Best Mulder/Other.

The Maudlin Mulder Shuffle (PG-13) Mulder's pity party.

Missing (NC-17) A question was raised by many fans after viewing "Hungry". This is one possible answer.

Pleased to Meet Me (PG-13) Meet Mulders one through nine.

Re: Season Eight (PG) A short burst of silliness.

Samsara (R)Eternity and rebirth.

Scully and the Gap Man (NC-17) Smart-ass smut and general silliness. A follow-up to "Dana Katherine's Secret."

Seeds (NC-17) Scully discovers the hidden benefits of Mulder's oral fixation.

Shells (NC-17) More oral fun with our intrepid agents. A follow-up to "Seeds."

Sixty-One Home Runs (G) Post-"The Unnatural." After the camera panned away.

Solstice (G) A beautiful moon.

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