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Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges as at June 2005


Best Seller books $5.00/ week
Best Seller magazines $2.00/ week
Best Seller CD-ROMs $5.00/ week
Compact Discs $1.00/ week
DVDs $2.00/ week

Service Charges

Subscriptions for out of area borrowers $100.00 family/year
Temporary Resident $50.00 family/6 months
  $30.00 family/3 months
  $30.00/3 months
Reservation of item - adults
(free for Junior and Young Adult material when requested on a Junior or Young Adult card.)
Interloan $5.00 minimum
Urgent Interloan $20.00 minimum
Photocopying - A4 black/white 20c
Photocopying - A4 colour $1.00
Photocopying - A3 black/white 40c
Photocopying - A3 colour $2.00
Computer printout - black/white 20c/page
Computer printout - colour $2.00/page
Microfi lm Reader/printer copy 50c
Photographs used in publications $50.00/photograph
Reference material faxed to borrower $3.50/f rst page
  50c each subsequent page
Fax sending service As above
Fax receiving service $2.50 any no. of pages
Replacement library card $2.00

Overdue Fines

Adult Daily Maximum
per item
Books 20c $10.00
Cassettes/Talking Books 20c $10.00
Videos 20c $10.00
Compact Discs 20c $10.00
CDRoms – Non-Fiction 20c $10.00
Magazines 20c $5.00
Bestseller Magazines 30c $5.00
Bestseller Books $1.00 $10.00
Bestseller CDRoms $1.00 $10.00
DVDs 40c $10.00


Children Daily Maximum
per item
Books 10c $5.00
Cassettes/CDs 10c $5.00
Puzzles/Toys 10c $5.00

10c $5.00
Bestseller CDRoms $1.00 $5.00

Your library card will be restricted if money owed reaches $10.00

Damaged or non-returned items

Damage to books and other items is assessed and charged for
accordingly. Non-returned items are either charged for at their purchase
price or at a standard fee depending upon the type of material.
An administration fee may also be charged on each lost or damaged item.

Adult items $10.00
Children’s items $5.00

Other charges

Broken CD/cassette case $2.50
Lost puzzle bag $3.00
Replacement barcode $1.00
Library desk phone 50c
Lost/broken puzzle piece $5.00

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