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Ice-free sea is storming
Ice-free sea is storming. Photo Riku Lumiaro.

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Welcome to the Internet Service of the Finnish Institute of Marine Research

The Finnish Institute of Marine Research (FIMR) is a research institute which is governed by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications. FIMR was founded in 1918 to produce information relating to the marine sciences for use in decision making, for practical needs and for use by private citizens alike.

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11.2.2008 - Research 
» 500 days imprisoned by ice – the drifting ice station Tara/Damocles returned to Spitzbergen
Tara is a French schooner that repeated Fritjof Nansen’s famous expedition aboard the Fram by drifting frozen in the sea...
15.1.2008 - Research 
» Academic dissertation of the allelopathic effects of filamentous cyanobacteria on phytoplankton in the Baltic Sea
M.Sc. Sanna Suikkanen will defend her doctoral thesis in the Finnish Institute of Marine Research´s Dynamicum house, Erik...
2.1.2008 - Services 
» Polar View services have begun
Polar View services have begun in December. ...
17.12.2007 - Aranda 
» Mnemiopis leidyi has spread as far as the Eastern Gulf of Finland
During Aranda’s monitoring expedition it was found that the effects of St. Petersburg south-western sewage treatment plant...
12.12.2007 - Antarctica 
» Diving research expedition to the Ross Sea
Benthic ecologist, Dr. Alf Norkko (FIMR) returned last week from his 4th expedition to the Ross Sea in Antarctica. The expedition...

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