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Welcome, fellow Sega gamer!

Welcome to SegaBase, the world's first online database completely devoted to the videogame systems and products of Sega Corporation.  Our goal is to be the TV Guide for Sega's videogame consoles, along the same lines that the world-famous TurboGuide is for the NEC Turbo GraphX/16.  We hope you enjoy your visit with us, because we have a lot to offer that cannot be found elsewhere.

There are sites dedicated to videogame cheats, specific consoles and games, general-purpose Sega information, emulator programming, and even those infamous "ROM" or "ISO" sites lurking about the landscape - but nowhere else will you find a detailed history and game-by-game breakdown for every major arcade and home videogame system that Sega has vended over the years up to the present, and all in one place.

Please enjoy your visit and do come again!

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Folks, after months of being pulled off to one project and then another, coupled with a growing sense that my time is done in this arena, I've decided to call it quits for now.  I will be pulling SegaBase down within the next few days, save for certain selected items I'm leaving for Eidolon's Inn.  It's been nice and it's been grand, but it's time for me to move on.  So, if you want to loot anything off of here before the site goes down, better hurry (wink, wink).

Don't be too upset, though.  There's tons of Sega stuff out there for you to find.  And who knows?  SegaBase just might come back someday on my own personal server.

Until then . . . . . . be seeing you.

Sam Pettus
(aka "The Scribe")
22 May 2002

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