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Erzsebet Nagy, only child of Hungary's 1956 revolution prime minister Imre Nagy, dies

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2008-01-29 19:43:47 -

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) - Erzsebet Nagy, the only child of Imre Nagy, Hungary's prime minister during the 1956 anti-Soviet revolution, has died.
She was 80 years old and succumbed to an undisclosed illness, said the Imre Nagy Foundation, which she founded in honor of her father in 1989.
After the uprising was crushed by Soviet troops, Nagy

was deported to Romania along with her parents, her husband and children and other leaders of the revolution.
Imre Nagy was taken back to Hungary and hanged in 1958, having been found guilty of treason and trying to overthrow Hungary's communist regime.
Erzsebet Nagy returned to Hungary after her father's execution and worked mainly as an editor and translator. She was forced to work from home for 15 years, as the communist authorities kept her under virtual house arrest.
As the end of communism in Hungary approached in the late 1980s, Nagy became one of the founders of the Historical Justice Committee, which sought to rehabilitate the martyrs and veterans of the 1956 revolution and counter the communist version of the 1956 events, which until then was the only one allowed in Hungary.
After Hungary's return to democracy, Nagy often took part in 1956 commemorations, sometimes together with Hungarian officials who had supported the Soviet side during the revolution _ a disputed decision seen by some as an effort to help heal Hungary's deep political and moral divisions.

Nagy was born in the city of Kaposvar, southern Hungary, on April 13, 1927. She is survived by a son and a daughter.
Details of the funeral were not immediately released.

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