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This is the most exotic car of the last decade, the only model equipated
with a Ferrari motor and not made by Ferrari.

It is said that the idea to built a Thema with a Ferrari engine started as a joke. Somewhat thrilled by the idea, the technitians started to built the Thema and took a slightly modified engine from a Ferrari 308 QV. The first model (in red), called the Thema 8.32, derived from the number of cilinders and valves, was first shown at the 61st edition of the Turin Auto show in 1986.

The Thema 8.32 was introduced together with a slightly changed Serie 1 Thema model. After some minor changes to the Turin show model, it was taken into production in September 1986. Compared to the first Serie 1 model, the "revised" Serie 1 included a minor face lift and some minor adjustments to the interior.

In 1988, the Thema model underwent significant internal and external modifications, which effected the 8.32 as well. The most important change was the introduction of the catalytic converter to the 1989 and later models. For some countries (Switzerland), the catalytic converter came earlier.

Mainly due to the introduction of the Thema turbo 16v with almost the same power and torque against lower costs. In 1991 the Lancia company sadely cancelled the production of the 8.32 model most likely due to very low sales combined with much problems and unreasonably high running costs for the owners. The 8.32 also suffered greatly from overheating when driven in cities. You should at least uphold speeds around 50 km/h in order to avoid this problem.
Thema by Ferrari

The Thema 8.32 model was built in Lancia's S. Paolo plant in Turin, equipped with a Ferrari V-8 engine which was said to be built in the Maranello factory. However, due to unsufficient capacity most (or all?) engines were built at Ducati. The engine was originally derived from the Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole. The 308 QV engine had undergone some modifications to adapt it to the softer character of a sedan. The crankshaft now features connecting rods offset 90 degrees to each other rather than 180 degrees as usually found in Ferrari engines.

The engine can be easily recognised by a red strip with the message Lancia by Ferrari stamped on the intake manifold. Apart from the engine, the five speed gearbox, suspension scheme, springs , shock-absorber calibration and the front stabilizer were modified. The Thema 8.32 standard came wih ABS.

Exterieur differences compared to the standard"Thema were the newly designed grill (inspired by the early competition Ferrari's) with a 8.32 logo on a yellow background underscored by a tri color band, a re-designed front bumper with built-in spoiler, fog lights and air intake, mobile rear spoiler, skirts on the lower side panels with 8.32 logo's in the rear corner, dual outside mirrors in bodywork color, star designed light alloy wheels (again inspired by the Maranello sedans), darkened window trim and two-color pinstriping along the beltline.

Originally the 8.32 came in five colors, named by Lancia in Blizzard dark blue, Winner red, Reflex green, Quartz gray and Black. Optional were headlamp washers/wipers and electrically-controlled sunroof.

Natural leather, signed and stitched (not glued) by "Poltrona Frau", covers dashboard, central console, steering wheel, gearshift lever and handbrake. The especially designed dashboard offers feul level indicator, speedometer, tachometer, water temperature, two check controls for body and principal engine functions, oil pressure and oil temperature meter. The ceiling is covered with Alcantara. So are the seats and side panels (with strip of briar) unless the owner choose leather seats (some Lancia importers decided to charge extra!). Leather seats could as an extra be combined with electrical adjustment (front and rear) and heating (front). Central door and trunk locking, electric windows and mirrors, as well as climate control are standard equipment. Optional were earphone radio connections for rear seats and radio-telephone hook up in the front armrest.

Lancia started off with 700 cars for the first years which was rapidly increased to 1,100/1,200 units per year. The owner could follow the final stage of production and immediately test drive his car. Between 1986 and 1991 a total of 3,537 Thema 8.32's were built (2,370 Serie 1 and 1,167 Serie 2). According to tradition, the last one built is in the Lancia museum. We presume that included in these numbers are an one-off model Thema 8.32 Stationwagon -in light grey with blue leather- which was built for the president of the Fiat group in 1986, and 64 "Limited edition" versions in Ferrari red (32 Series 1 and 32 Series).

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