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1927 Parliament moves to Canberra and its new accommodation in provisional Parliament House (now known as Old Parliament House).

Queensland Government declares an open season on koalas — half a million koalas and about a million possums are killed in just a month.

1928 John Flynn starts Flying Doctor Service at Cloncurry.

Charles Kingsford Smith arrives in Brisbane after crossing the Pacific OceanCharles Kingsford Smith, left, arrives in Brisbane after Pacific Ocean crossing in Southern Cross.

First daily air service in Australia begins with Qantas Brisbane-Toowoomba run.

1929 Irene Longman becomes the first woman elected to the Queensland Parliament.

1930 Torres Strait Islanders and half-caste Aborigines lose their right to vote in Queensland.

Royal commission finds former Queensland premiers Theodore and McCormack acted dishonestly. Theodore resigns as federal treasurer.

1931 Sir Douglas Mawson returns to Antarctica with an expedition that explores and charts 6400km of polar coastline. Mawson formally proclaims the 42 percent of Antarctica that is now claimed as Australian territory.

Theodore is found not guilty of corruption.

Cinesound Review newsreels are first shown.

1932 Pilot Lores Bonney leaves Brisbane and circumnavigates Australia in 45 days.

1933 First issue of The Courier-Mail after amalgamation of the Brisbane Courier and the Daily Mail.

Western Australia, in a special referendum, votes to secede from the Commonwealth.

This makeshift tangle of equipment became Australia's first television transmission using a cthode ray tube.1934 Australia's first television transmission, from Old Windmill to Red Hill in Brisbane.

1936 The last Tasmanian tiger or thylacine dies.

1938 Sydney hosts the first Empire Games to be held in Australia, the forerunner of the Commonwealth Games.

An exhibition of indigenous artist Albert Namatjira's works is held in Melbourne.

1939-1945 World War II. More than 993,000 Australians fought in campaigns against Germany and Italy in Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa; and against Japan in the Pacific. Of those on active service, 27,073 were killed, 23,477 were wounded and 30,560 taken prisoner — 8296 POWs died in captivity. While most troops served overseas, sizeable bases were established in northern Australia when an invasion by Japanese troops seemed possible.

1939 Queensland government legislates to make Aborigines eligible for workers' compensation.

1940 Howard Florey leads the team of scientists responsible for the development of penicillin as an antibiotic.

ABC appoints Margaret Doyle, its first female announcer.

1941 Australia's first contingent of American troops disembarks in Brisbane.

Country-National Party formed, with G.F. Nicklin quickly installed as leader.

Timeline continued
1846-1904 | 1905-1926 | 1927-1941 | 1942-1957 | 1958-1973 | 1974-1988 | 1989-2000

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