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"My SportVue Heads-up display worked flawlessly on every run at Bonneville, allowing me to focus on bike performance at speeds over 200 mph." Susan Robertson - World Land Speed Record holder. more


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When installing your SportVue™, you will need to know which eye is dominant. Follow the procedure below to determine your dominant eye, then choose the proper Visor Mounting Clip. If you are right eye dominant, choose the Visor Mounting Clip-Right Eye.

First, pick a point 8-12 feet away to look at with both eyes open, using any corrective lenses that you would normally use.

Then hold your thumb at arms length and align your thumb with that point.

Now close your right eye only...If your thumb appears to “move” to the right, then you are right-eye dominant. If your thumb appears to stay put, then you are left eye dominant. To confirm left eye dominance, close your left eye only. Your thumb should appear to “move” to the left.

Approximately 70% of the population is right-eye dominant, however another 15% are equally dominant in both eyes and can use a right-eye display. Eye dominance is not necessarily associated with left or right handedness.

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