Danish Military Calendar! When did it happen?

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Main Danish war periods:

200 - 300 The Danes emigrates from central Sweden to Denmark and presses the Horuls south
300 - 500 The Angels and the Sachsens from the southern part of Denmark emigrate to England
790 - 1000 The early Viking expeditions, Danelagen 892
1013 - 1016 Conquest of England
1042 - 1064 War between Danish and Norwegian Kings
1086 The peasant rebellion against King Cnut the Holy (civil war)
1096 - 1291 The Crusades
1131 - 1157 War of Danish Kings (civil war)
1159 - 1185 Expeditions against the Wends
1219 - 1222 Conquest of Estonia
1242 - 1250 War of Brothers (civil war)
1288 - 1308 Revenge War of the Outlaws (Norway and outlaws against Denmark)
1340 - 1360 Union War of Valdemar Atterdag (Denmark against several pawn owners)
1362 War with the Hansa Union
1367 - 1368 War with the Hansa Union
1389 - 1395 War of Sweden (Denmark against Albrecht Duke of Mecklenburg)
1410 - 1432 Holstein war
1434 - 1523 Union Wars against Sweden
1534 - 1536 The Feud of the Count (civil war)
1563 - 1570 The Nordic seven years war against Sweden
1648 - 1670 The Carl-Gustav Wars against Sweden
1611 - 1613 The Calmar War against Sweden
1625 - 1629 War of the Emperor (Denmark against the Catholic League)
1643 - 1645 War of Torstensson against Sweden
1657 - 1660 Carl Gustav War against Sweden
1675 - 1679 The War in Skaane (South Sweden) against Sweden and France
1688 - 1697 War of Coalition, Auxiliary corps in British service
1700 Great Nordic War, part 1, against Sweden, Holland and England
1701 - 1713 The Spanish War of Succession, Auxiliary corps in British/Netherlands service
1709 - 1720 Great Nordic War, part 2, against Sweden
1801 Napoleonic Wars against Sweden, England and some German states
1807 - 1814 Napoleonic Wars against Sweden, England and some German states
1848 - 1850 1st Schleswig War, civil war
1864 2nd Schleswig War against Preussen and Austria
1914 - 1918 1st World War, Denmark neutral
1940 - 1945 2nd World War, German occupation of Denmark
1948 - today Danish UN-troops
1950 - 1953 Korean War, Danish hospital ship
1964 - Danish participation in UN-missions
1991 - ? Balkan Wars, se separate timeline




Month Date


January 4 The famous Danish priest and poet Kaj Munk is killed in a "Clearing murder" 1944.
  7 The Danish King Knud Lavard is murdered 1131 in Haraldsted Forest.
  8 Battle at Rügen 1678. An Allied-Danish corps is defeated by the Swedish army.
  9 Battle at  Eltang near Kolding 1644. Swedish victory over the Danish army.

The Swedish army burn down Altona 1713 during the Great Nordic War.

  13 King Christian II defeat 1535 the Nobelmens army at Helsingborg and end the civil war in Denmark.
  16 The frigate  HOLSTEEN is taken by the English in the Bengal Sea in 1808.
  17 During a Palace Guard the Falster Foot regiment revolts 1772 against Struense and arrest him.
  19 Battle at  Bogesund 1520. Christian II defeats the Swedish general Steen Sture the Younger.
  20 1613 peace treaty in Knaeroed between Danes and Swedes. Denmark wins the right to wear 3 lions in the shield.
  22 1701 the national militia is established, peasants must serve as soldiers.


Skirmish at  Torsebro 1710. North of Kristiansstad in Skåne The Danish Naval Regiment defeats a Swedish force.


8 RAF airplanes bombs the Copenhagen Shipyard Burmeister & Wain, kills 7 and injures 70.


The fortress Frederiksnagore surrender 1807 to the English. Occupation until  20. September 1815.
  30 The Swedisk army commanded by Carl XI march across the frozen belt from Fuenen to Zealand 1658. In a battle at Brandsoe the Danish army is defeated
February 1 The battle at Ramundaboda 1520. The Danes commanded by Otto Krumpen defeat the Swedes

First shot in the 2nd Schleswig War 1864, when Preussian and Austrian troops invade denmark.

  2 Battle at Mysunde 1864. Preussian forces attack the fortifications but are driven back


Battle for Kongshoej 1864. Austrian forces commanded by General Gondrecourt pushes the Danes back to "Dannevirke".
  5 The retreat from "Dannevirke" 1864. The Danish army retreat by night. looses 300 soldiers of whom 10 freezes to death
  6 Battle at  Sankelmark 1864. The Danes commanded by Colonel Max Müller stops the pursuing Austrian-Hungarian troops
  8 The Swedish King Karl the 10th leads his army across the ice from the island of Langeland to the island of Lolland, then to Copenhagen in 1658.
  10 "The Students sortie" from Copenhagen during the Swedish siege in 1658. There were 160 students among the more than 10.000 soldiers defending Copenhagen. The siege is broken

Moltkes Hussars are established 1762. Later to become the Danish Hussar Guards Regiment

Referendum in South Jutland 1920 (zone 1)

  10-11 The attack on Copenhagen 1659. Swedish forces attack Copenhagen but are driven back. Siege continues until the swedish king Karl the 10th Gustav dies 12 February 1660


The fortress Trankebar surrender to the British 1807. Occupation ends 20. September 1815
  14 Meldorf  is captured by the Danes in 1500. The Danish campaign in Ditmarsken starts.

The naval action at Cape Sanct Vincent 1797

  16 "Mutiny" in the Danish Army 1953. The conscripts got their duty period prolonged with two months, which lead to a lot leaving the barracks marching towards Copenhagen to protest. Lots of arrests and prison sentences.
  17 Battle in Ditmarsken 1431. The combined Danish-Holsteen army commanded by the Danish King Hans is almost annihilated and the king is forced to give up the Swedish crown. Denmark looses the original Dannebroge.
  18 Last day with the Julian Calendar 1700. The next day was changed to 1 March in the Gregorian Calendar
  21 Battle at Skällinge 1612. The Danish army commanded by Christian IV is defeated by the Swedish army. The king barely escapes.


Preussian troops attack the Danish forward line at Dybboel 1864 and force them back to the main defence line
  24 The Danish Queen Margrethe the 1st defeats the Swedish King Albrecht near Falkoping in 1389.
  26 The peace settlement in  Roskilde 1658 beetween the Danes and the Swedes. Denmark looses Skaane, Halland, Blekinge, Bornholm, Trondheim and Bohus county.
  27 Battle of Anholt 1811. A Danish invasion force is defeated by the British at HMS ANHOLT (a Danish island)

Battle at Kapolna 1849



Event: In 1864 five Danish dragoons from  6th Dragoonregiment´s  4th Squadron are surprised by Preussian Hussars on the road beetween Kolding and Vejle. One dragoon escape, three are captured, but the last, Niels Kjeldsen, is shot by a Preussian Standard Bearer, count Gustav von Lüttichau after a fierce fight


Skirmish at Vorbasse 1864. A Squadron of Danish Dragoons defeat a squadron of Preussian hussars


The Jaeger Corps of Zealand is established in 1785. Later to become the Danish Jaeger Corps (Army Special Forces)


The Bornholm Milicie is established 1611. Later to become the Bornholms Force, and in year 2000 The Local Defence Region Bornholm

The Danish Brigg LOUGEN fight of two British frigates 1801 at the Bird Cliff close to Sct. Thomas in the Westindies

  6 Conscription in Denmark 1869. At the same time the Oath of Allegiance is abolished.


Austrian forces captures Vejle after fierce house-to-house combat 1864.
  10 Battle at Helsingborg 1710. Decisive Danish defeat to the Swedes.
  12 Peace settlement in Lübeck 1629. The Danish King Christian the 4th looses his German counties.
  15 Preussian siege artillery begin the bombardment of the Danish fortifications at Dybboel 1864 from positions at Broager.


As the first of the colonial powers Denmark abolished trade with negro slaves by royal decree in 1792.


Skirmish in front of  Dybboel 1864. The Preussian army drives back the Danish outposts.

A Preussian naval force attempt 1864 to break the Danish naval blockade of Schleswig and Holstein. Van Dockums Danish squadron with the frigate SJÆLLAND pushes the Preussian back to Swinemünde

  20 Battle at Faurskov Hill 1535. The Danes commanded by Johan Rantzau beat a peasant army commanded by the Count of  Hoya north of Assens in Fuenen
  21 RAF Mosquitos destroy the "Shell"-building in Copenhagen 1945. The building was HQ for the German police. App. 100 employees were killed. 8 resistance fighter were killed, 18 escaped.
  22 Naval action at Zealand Point 1808. The last remaining Danish ship of the line PRINS CHRISTIAN FREDERIK is defeated by a British naval squadron with the two ships of the line STATELY and NASSAU and three frigates.The Danish ship is run aground by the Danes and burns. The famous hero Peter Willemoes dies.
  24 The rebellion in Schleswig-Holstein breaks out 1848. Leads to the first Schleswig War.
  25 Jens Adolph Kiøge starts 1784 a successfull campaign against the Awuna tribe in Guinea. The campaign starts from the newbuilt Fortress "Kongensten"
  26 Battle at Nesjar in Tröndelag, Norway, in 1016. Earl Svend looses to King Olav the Holy.
  28 A British naval task force of 25 ships with 4000 marines arrive at  Sct. Thomas 1801. Generalgovernor Lindemann surrenders 30. marts

Preussian forces attack the outposts of Dybboel 1864 at 3 AM, but are driven back

  29 The sortie from Vesteraas 1520. A Danish force of 3000 soldiers break through a Swedish siege

First Schleswig war starts 1848, when the Danish army crossed Kolding Creek to fight the Schleswig-Holstein rebels in Rendsborg. The rebels were supported by Prussia.

Skirmish at Assendrup 1864. A Danish corps captures a group of Preussian hussars.



The Danish Westindies (Sct. Thomas, Sct. Croix and Sct. Jan) are handed over to  USA 1917.
April 1 The Jutland nobleman Niels Ebbesøn kills 1340 the German count Gerhard the 3rd of Holstein in Randers.
  2 Battle of Copenhagen 1801. A tie beetween the Danes commanded by Captain Olfert Fischer and the British commanded by Admiral Parker and Admiral Nelson. Admiral Nelson then threaten to bombard Copenhagen, and the Danish give up. This was later considered an unworthy way of fighting, so England made no memorial medal for Nelson after the battle.

The Preussian front artillery batteries in front of  Dybboell start 1864 the bombardment of the fortifications and the town Soenderborg. Until the storm 18. april app. 65.000 grenades are fired at the Danish positions.



The Danish army captures Frederiksstad 1700.

Battle at Adsbøl 1849. Danish victory over the Schleswig-Holsten army.



King Christian the 4th declares war against Sweden in 1611. The Kalmar War.
  5 The defence of Copenhagen 1428. The Danish queen Philippa defends with success the city against a Hanseatic naval force. This is the first use of artillery in a larger scale in Denmark.

A Danish naval squadron (1 ship of the line and 3 ships) commanded by Commander s.g. F. Paludan looses a battle against insurgency army troops in Eckernförde Fjord. The ship of the line CHRISTIAN VII blows up, the frigate GEFION is taken and the steamships HEKLA and GEISER escapes.

Russian troops leave Bornholm 1946.

  6 Battle at  Fyrisaa 1520

Battle at  Uppsala 1520. The most bloody battle in the War of the Union, where the Swedish peasant army is almost annihilated by the Danish army commanded by  Otto Krumpen.

Battles at Ullerup and Avnboel 1849.

  9 Battle at Bov 1848. First battle in the First Schleswig war beetween 11.000 Danish and 7.000 Schleswig-Holstein troops. Easy Danish victory.

Denmark occupied by Germany 1940. German troops crossed the border at Krusaa in South Jutland 0415 hours. At the same time troops landed in Korsoer, Gedser, Nyborg and at the bridge over Little Belt. The Danish Army Air Corps at Air Station Vaerloese was attacked and troops landed at Langelinie peer in Copenhagen. Danish resistance for 2 hours.

  10 "Feltherrens Fodregiment" or The Commanders Foot Regiment is established 1703 in the battlefield of Mantua in Northern Italy. This is the only time in Danish military history that a regiment is actually founded in the battlefield. First commander was Field Marchal Hans Schack. The regiment returned to Denmark in 1709. Merged into The Queen´s Life Regiment 1 September 1961.
  13 Battle at Husum 1700.

Battle on Dybboel Hill 1849. Saxon forces commanded by General Prittwitz attack the Danish bridgehead at Als Sound. The Danish force commanded by General Bülow win the battle.

  17 The Polish Prince Jarimars troops land on Zealand and Copenhagen surrender (You can visit Jarimars tower in Copenhagen today). 
  18 "Falsterske Geworbne Infanterie regiment" is established 1747. Later become the Falster Foot Regiment, that 1. August 1976 amalgamates with the Danish Life Regiment

Battle at Dybboel 1864. 10.000 Preussian soldiers storm the Danish fortifications at 10 AM after 6 hours of artillery preparations. The Danish 8th Brigade fails a counter-attack but is praised for courage. 1.700 Danish casualties.



Battle at Toverud (Norway) 1808. Prins Christian August defeat a Swedish force commanded by Count Mörner.


Lübeck declares war against Denmark 1510.

British Mosquito airplanes bomb the german HQ in Copenhagen 1945. Shell-house.

  23 The Queen´s Life regiment is established 1657.

Battle at Schleswig 1848. A superior Preussian army forces the Danish to retreat, but the Danish army stay intact.

Skirmish at  Mysunde 1848. Danish defeat by mistake.

Battle at Kolding 1849.



Naval battle at Stralsund 1715. The Swedish fleet commanded by Admiral hans Wachtmeister attempts to rescue the city and transport Carl XII back to Sweden, but a danish fleet commanded by C.C. Gabel prevents it.

Battle at Trangen (Norway) 1808. Prince Christian August defeats a Swedosh corps commanded by General Gahn.

The skirmish at Oversoe 1848. Danisg defeat to the Preussians due to bad command.



The Danish army commanded by General Niels Christian Lunding evacuate Fredericia 1864 on direct order from the Minister of War.
  26 Battle at Tönningen 1700.

Battle at Colberger Heide 1715. 

  28 A Danish fleet commanded by Niels Juel starts a siege of Visby on Gotland in 1676. The city surrenders three days later.
May 2 Niels Ebbeson defeats the united German counts in the battle at Skjernaa in 1340.

Copenhagen surrenders to an army/fleet from the Hansa Union in 1368. The city is plundered.



The Danish viking army commanded by Thorkell the Tall defeats the English army at Ringmere close to Thetford in 1010.

The german occupation of denmark officially ended at 0800 hours in 1945.



Valdemar Sejr is captured by the German Count Heinrich von Schwerin. He is later released but has to surrender all Danish possessions in Slesvig-Holsten.

The Danish Brigade arrived from Sweden to Copenhagen 1945.



Russian bombardment of the harbor areas of Nexø and Rønne on Bornholm 1945, when the German Captain von Kamptz refused to surrender. 9 killed and many wounded, app. 1.000 houses ruined.


The Danish-Indian tradepost Frederiksnagore commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Bie surrender to the Britisk 1801.
  9 The two Danish ships ENHJØRNINGEN and LAMPRENEN commanded by Jens Munk leaves 1619 Copenhagen to find the North-West passage to China.

Naval battle at Helgoland 1864. The Danish frigattes JYLLAND and NIELS JUEL and the corvette HEIMDAL, commanded by Captain (N) E. Suenson, defeat an Austrian naval force, which flagship the frigatte SCHWARTZENBERG is ruined by fire. 

  10 The Combat Service Corps is formed 1865.


Colonel Eggerich Lübbes Regiment is formed 1657. Later to be called The Kings Jutland Foot Regiment, merged with The Schleswig Foot Regiment 1 November 1991.


The Danish trade post Trankebar (India) under governor Anker surrender 1801 to the British.


Battle at Ramilies 1706.
  15 The German fortress in Tönning surrenders to the Danes 1713.
  16 Naval battle at Lister Dyb 1644. A Danish fleet defeat a Swedish-Dutch fleet.

Naval battle at Tripolis 1797. NAJADEN and SARPEN commanded by commander Steen Andersen Bille defeat the fleet of the Pasha.



The Swedish fortress Trønning commanded by the Swedish General Magnus Steenbock surrender to Frederik IV in 1713.
  19 The Danish Navy starts using Holmen in Copenhagen as naval base in 1690.
  21 Naval battle at Rügen 1184. The Danish fleet (125 ships) commanded by Bishop Absalon defeat the Vendic fleet (500+ ships) commanded by Duke Bugislav of Pemmern. 447 Vendic ships is taken by the Danish and Pommern is taken.
  25 Christian IV captures Kalmar in 1611.The city is plundered by the Danish army.

The Danish commander C. Gabel destroys in 1714 the Swedish Navy near Fehmarn.

  26 Colonel Svend Bartholin Paludan-Müller, CO of the Danish Border Police, shot himself in 1944 after more than 4 hours gunfight against Gestapo, who wanted to arrest him as a member of the Danish resistance.

Peace settlement in Copenhagen 1659. Foundation is the peace settlement in Roskilde, but Denmark keeps Bornholm and Trondheim.

Battle at Sundeved 1848.

  28 Battle at Nybøl 1848.

First Danish UN-soldiers on Cyprus 1964 relieving British troops.

  30 Naval battle at Bornholm 1563. Danish fleet with 9 ships meet a Swedish fleet with 19 ships. The Danish send out 3 ships to enforce sovereignty, these ships are taken by the Swedes.

Danish-Lübeck fleet commanded by Herluf Trolle defeats a Swedish fleet near Öland 1564. The Swedish admiral ship MAKALØS with 173 guns and 900 men exploded.

Battle at Athlone 1691.

  31 The attack at Stralsund 1809. The fortress is captured by a Danish-French corps.

The cavalry battle at Vejlby 1849. Danish dragoons stops the Preussian advance towards Århus.The preussian hussars have a lot casualties.

June 1 Naval battle with the Swedes near fehmarn 1565. The Danish hero Herluf Trolle is badly wounded and dies 25th June same year.

Denmark declares war against Sweden 1657.

Naval battle at Öland 1676. The Danish fleet commanded by the Dutch Admiral Cornelisz Tromp defeat the Swedish fleet commanded by Lorenz Creutz. Incompetent Swedish commander. The Swedish ship of the line STORA KRONAN (124 guns) blows up. The two Swedish ships of the line SVÄRDET and RIKSÄPPLET is also lost.

Naval battle at Møn 1797. The Danish-Norwegian fleet commanded by Admiral Niels Juel defeat the Swedish fleet commanded by Admiral Erik Sjöblad. Huge Danish victory over a superior Swedish fleet.

  2 Battle at Bornhöved in Holstein 1227 between King Valdemar and German troops commanded by Bishop Gerhard of Bremen. Valdemar looses the battle and an eye.
  3 King Erik captures Ribe Town 1246.

Battle at Meldorf 1559. During the campaign in Ditmarsken commanded by Frederik II the Rantzaus mercenarys storm the fortress and capture it.

The Danish frigatte FALSTER burns 1753 near Marocco.

The Danish Fortress Prinsensteen is 1847 attacked and besieged in 1847 by the Awuna-tribe in Guinea, Africa. The siege lasts until October.

  4 Battle at Fodevig in Skaane 1042. Niels looses to Erik the 2nd (Emune).

Danish gunboats commanded by First Lieutenant Wulff capture 1808 the British brig TICKLER.

  5 Battle at Dybbøl Bjærg 1848. The combined German forces attach with 17.000 soldiers at noon throw the Danish forces back.The Danish counter-attack with 12.000 soldiers win the battle at 10.00 in the evening. The Danish counter-attack is described at a "blood-red cloud" because of the red jackets of the Danish army.


The fighting at Hoptrup 1848.
  8 The Vikings plunder Lindisfarne Convict 793 - The beginning of the Viking Age.

Christoffer of Bavaria crushes 1441 a North Jutland rebellion by the nobleman Henrik Tagesen.

Danish artillery regiments are founded in 1803.



Naval battle at Bornholm 1535. A Danish-Swedish-Preussian fleet commanded by the Danish Admiral Peder Skram defeat a Hanseatic-Copenhagen fleet.

The skirmish at Neksø 1645.

Danish gunboats commanded by Captain (N) Krieger capture the British brig TURBULENT 1808.

  10 King Frederik the 1st started his siege of Copenhagen 1523, because the city wouldn´t recognize him as successor of his father Christian the 2nd. Siege ended with the city´s surrender 6th January 1524.

Battle at Prestebakke (Norway) 1808. Lieutenant Colonel Juul defeat a Swedish corps.

  11 Battle at Øxnebjærg 1536. Near Assens on Fuenen the Danish army commanded by Johan Rantzau defeat Count Christoffers peasant army.


Battle at Aughrim 1691.


Battle at Heide 1559. The Danish army commanded by Johan Rantzau defeat the Ditmarsken army.
  14 Battle at Næstved 1258. An army commanded by Prince Jarimar of Rügen defeat a Danish army. The prince supports the later Danish King Erik Klipping.
  15 Battle at Arkona 1169. King Valdemar I The Great and Bishop Absalon defeat the Vendic army. The Danish general Skjalm Hvide smashes the Vendic god statue of Svantevit.

Volmer (Valdemar/Vladimir) Battle at Lyndanisse 1219. King Valdemar II The Victorious defeats the Estonian army in a battle, where the Danes came close to defeat. The Danish flag falls from the sky in this battle and Tallinn (The city of the Danes) gets its name.

  16 naval battle in Svendborg Sound 1536.

The Royal Life Guard is founded 1658.

Army Aviation Corps is founded 1912.

  17 The Kalmar Union between Denmark, Sweden and Norway was put into force 1397 and lasted until 1448.


The brig LOUGEN commanded by First Lieutenant Wulff capture the British brig SEAGULL in 1808.
  21 Frederik Moth is pronounced governor of Sct. Croix in 1734. The Island was bought from France.
  22 Battle at Bornhøved 1227. Valdemar II The Victorious looses to his North-German vasals by treason from Ditmarsken.The Ejder river becomes border beetween  Denmark and germany.


The Danish army captures Malmoe 1677 after a 2 months siege.


the Danish King Abel is killed in a battle against the Frisians in Ejdersted 1252.

Landing at Råå 1676. The Danish army starts the Scanian War.

The fighting on Als 1864.

The Danish resistance group "Hvidsten-gruppen" (8 members) was executed by German soldiers in 1944.

  30 The Kings Life regiment is founded 1658. This regiment later became The Royal Life Guard in 1909.

Skirmish at Bjerning 1848.

The Prince´s Life Regiment leaves South Jutland 1864 as the last of the Danish army.

July 1 Naval battle at Kolberger Heide 1644. Not a significant battle between the Danes and the Swedes, but it is unique that the Danish King Christian IV commands the Danish fleet himself. The king is wounded in the battle and looses an eye. Battle is a tie.

Naval battle at  Køge Bay 1677. A Danish fleet (27 ships of the line plus 11 ships) commanded by Admiral Niels Juel defeat a Swedish fleet (30 ships of the line plus 18 ships), commanded by Admiral-General Henrik Horn. The battle actually took plave in the Falsterbo Channel south of Sweden. The Swedes lost 8 ships of the line and 4.000 men, the Danes lost 400 men.



The Danish Admiral Jens Munk is killed during a battle at Stralsund 1628 and buried this day. He was famous for his expeditions to the polar area.

The Danish army captures Helsingborg 1676.

A Danish force commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Charles beck attacks 1864 a Preussian force at Lundby south of Ålborg. The Danes are defeated. The last battle in the second Schleswig War.



The Swedish city of Malmoe is taken in 1360 by King Valdemar.

Swedish landing at Sandvig on Bornholm is rejected in 1659.

  6 The Danish frigatte NAJADEN is 1812 sunk by the British ship of the line DICTATOR (former the Danish ship of the line HOLSTEEN?).

The sortie from Fredericia 1849. Following the Danish General Olav Ryes masterly retreat through Jutland he reinforces the garrison of Fredericia. General Bülow then commands the Danish sortie with fierce fighting especially on Trelle redoubt. Danish victory, but general Rye is killed in action.

The Signal Corps is founded 1867.

  8 Battle at Dynekilen 1716. The Danish-Norwegian hero Peter Tordenskiold (Thundershield) attacked and destroyed the Swedish transport fleet in the fjord Dynekilen in Bohus County.
  9 The Swedish city of Helsingborg and great parts of Skaane is taken 1360 by King Valdemar.
  10 The Danish King Cnut the 2nd (The Holy) is murdered at the alter in a church in Odense in 1086.

The Danish King Erik Ejegod dies on Cyprus during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1103.

  11 The Danish army captures Landskrona 1676.

Battle at Oudenarde 1706.

Battle at Ashanti 1824. British and Danish forces defeat the Ashanti-kings army in Guinea, Africa.

  12 Battle at Boyne-river 1690. A Danish auxiliary corps participates on the winning side (British) in Ireland.
  13 A Norwegian fleet commanded by Erik "priest hater" Magnusson attacks Elsinore and other parts of Denmark. It returns to Norway in august same year.
  14 Battle at Landskrona (Moeinge) 1677.
  15 Battle at Jerusalem 1099. Danish crusaders participates with honour in the battle of the holy city. The crusaders established the Kingdom of Jerusalem with Duke Gotfred of Bouillon as "The protector of the Holy Grave".
  17 Battle of Kalmar 1611. Swedish attemp to recapture the city fails.


King Canute the Holy is murdered 1086 in Saint Albans Church in Odense.


Capture of Galway 1691.
  22 Battle at Bornhöved 1227. Valdemar the Victorious is defeated by the German Duke Otto von Lüneburg and the Bishop of Bremen. Valdemar escapes, but 3 Danish bishops are captured. Danish defeat caused by mutiny among the troops from Ditmarsken.

Battle at Kalmar 1497. King Hans captures the fortress.

Battle at Brännkyrka 1518. Christian II and Steen Sture do battle south of Stockholm. No winner.



The fortress Marstrand in Norway is captured by Christian V´s half-brother, Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve.


Battle at Isted 1850. The biggest battle on Danish soil ever. 39.000 soldiers commanded by the Danish General Christopher von Krogh defeat the Schleswig-Holstein army of 34.000 soldiers commanded by General Wilhelm von Willisen. The battle is to big for the two generals but ends up with a Danish victory.The Danish Cavalry General Schleppegrell is assasinated by a German farmer.
  25 The Danish 40-gun frigatte FREJA is in 1800 stopped by 6 British ships in the English Channel during convoy. Peter Krabbe fight the British until the frigatte is almost destroyed and will not surrender. The convoy is taken to Downs under Danish flag, and there are negotiations. The Danish ships are repaired by the British and the convoy sails on.
  27 Battle at Visby 1361. Valdemar the 4th (Atterdag) defeats the Swedish peasant army and the Hanseatic city of Visby must pay three barrels of gold in ransom.
  28 Battle at Lohede 1261. The Danish King Erik looses to Erik Abelsson.

Battle at Copenhagen 1536. The city surrenders to Christian III and Denmark again is one country.

Battle at Gründe 1644.

Christian VIII abolish by decree the slavery in the Danish colonies.

The skirmish at Jagel 1850. Danish dragoons are surprised by German dragoons and are thrown. Danish hussars commanded by Ritmester (captain) Niels Torp attacks through the Danish dragoon lines and throw the Germans after fierce fighting with sabres.


Battle at Stiklestad 1030. The Danish King Hakon Jarl (Norway) defeats the banished King Olav in a very bloody battle.

First Danish Coronation Charter 1282.

The Preussian army captures Als 1864.



The Cimber battle in Vercellae (Northern Italy) 101 b.c. The Roman army commanded by Consul Marius defeats the invading Cimbers.


Danish and Lübeck Letters of  Feud (Declaration of war) are delivered in Stockholm 1563. Beginning of the Nordic 7-years war.
August 1 Jutland Division is founded in 1951. Later to become Danish Division.
  2 Christian IV captures the fortress of Kalmar 1611 by bribing the commandant.

British fleet starts blockade of Zealand in 1807 to isolate Copenhagen from the Danish army in Hostein. Fleet commanded by Admiral Gambier with 25 ships-of-the-line, 40 other warships and 377 ships transporting General Cathcarts expeditionary corps of 30.000 soldiers.

Battle at Lier (Norge) 1808. The Swedes commanded by General Gahn are defeated by the Norwegians commanded by General Ohma.



Battle at Steenkerchen 1692. The Danish Life Guard become famous for courage and valour. They stand fast although they loose 400 soldiers in an hour.


The Swedish Army, supported by a British-Dutch naval squadron, landed unexpected at Humlebaek by the Sound and forced Denmark to peace. The Greeat Nordic War (1700 - 1722) started.


The brigantine PATIENTIA are taken over by slaves 1753. The ship is recaptured 8 August with the aid of the British.


Naval battle at Rügen 1715 between a Danish-Dutch fleet commanded by Admiral Ruben (dutch). A tie, by the Swedish fleet returned to Sweden.
  9 The naval battle at Nisaa near the Swedish city of Halmstad between Harald and Sven in 1062.

The Bloody Feast in Roskilde 1157. The three Danish kings - Sven, Cnut the 3rd and Valdemar - meet in Roskilde, where Cnut is killed and Valdemar flees to Jutland on the run from Sven Grathe.

First MTB´s in the Danish Navy 1879.

  10 Battle of Maldon near Ipswich 991. The Danish Vikings lead by King Svein Forkbeard defeat the English army.

The Danish King Erik Plovpenning is murdered on Slien in 1520.



The Swedes commanded by King Karl the 10th Gustav start the siege of Copenhagen in 1658. Siege ended when the Swedish king died 12 February 1659.

The Horse Battle at Nyborg 1808. 600 Spanish war-horses fight on the beach until they are all dead.

  12 Battle at Wolgast 1628. The Danes are defeated by Wallenstein.
  13 Peace settlement in Brömsebro 1648. Denmark gives Sweden Halland and Jämtland for a period of 30 years.

Battle at Höchstädt 1704.

  15 The Danish army captures kristiansstad 1676.

The British land in 1807 30.000 soldiers between Skodsborg and Vedbaek (North of Copenhagen).

  16 The British Expeditionary Corps land at Vedbæk in 1807. 21. August Copenhagen was surrounded.
  17 Battle at Rotebro 1497. King Hans defeat the Swedish peasant army. The Danish Kings right to Sweden is estableshed.

Battle at Lutter am Barenberg 1625. The Danish army commanded by King Christian IV are defeated by the Germans commanded by Tilly. Poor Danish command in a unnecessary battle. The kings dream of becoming a major factor in Europe is crushed.

  20 "Sydjydske National Regiment af 2. Udskrivning" is founded 1675. From 1 November 1961 a part of the King´s Jutland Foot Regiment.

The British submarine E.13 ran aground in the Sound in 1915. Despite the neutrality of Denmark, German ships shot at the submarine, damaged it and killed half the crew. Danish torpedoboats separated the ships.

  23 The outbreak from Copenhagen 1658 (The Carl Gustav Wars). After defending Copenhagen against the Swedish, the army break the siege.
  24 Danish freedom fighters blow up FORUM in Copenhagen 1943.
  26 Battle at Kringen 1612. Almost an entire Scottish expedition of 300 mercenaries commanded by Andreas Ramsay was wiped out by Norwegian peasants in the Kringen pass. The Scots tried to conquer Norway on behalf of the Swedish king.
  27 Battle at Limerick 1690.
  28 Sortie from Copenhagen 1658. Succesfull sortie against the Swedish army.
  29 Battle at Køge 1807. The British commanded by General Arthur Wellesley defeat the Danes commanded by General J.M.H. Castenschiold. App. 1.400 Danish and 100 British casualties. A professional British army against the Danish Militia.

The Danish Armed Forces are attacked by the German occupation forces in 1943. Fighting all over Denmark. The Danish Navy sinks itself.

  31 Battle at Stiklestad 1030 between Sven and Canute the Holy. Canute looses and is killed.

The Life Regiment´s sortie through Classens Garden in 1807 during the British siege.

September 2-5 British bombardement of Copenhagen 1807. The worlds first terrorbombardment against civilians.

Battle at Zarretin 1813 – first part.



Danish gunboats reject 1813 an attack by British warships at Büsum.
  4 The Swedish fortress Elfsborg is captured 1563. First fighting in the 7-years war between Denmark and Sweden.The Danish army mostly consists of German and Scottish mercenaries. Sweden later by the fortress back for 150.000 rigsdaler.

Fighting at Gadebusch 1813. The Danish auxiliary Corps fights well.

  6 The Danish castle Kronborg surrender to the Swedish army 1658.
  7 Battle at Breitenfeld 1631.

The expedition against the Swedish fortress at Ystad 1659. The expedition was succesfully completed 13 September.

The Swedish fortress Stade is captured after 2 months siege in 1712.

2nd battle of Copenhagen 1807. Copenhagen surrenders to the British Army. 16 frigates is taken by the British Navy.

Major Anders Lassen is killed in action near Lake Comacchio in Italy 1945.

  9 Naval/Army battle at Svold 1000. A united Danish (Swein the 1st Forkbeard) and Swedish (Oluf Skotkonung) army at sea defeat the Norwegian King Olav Tryggvesøn, who dies by jumping into the water from his ship ORMEN HIN LANGE and  drown.


Battle at Zarretin 1813.
  11 Naval battle at Öland 1563.

Battle at Malplaquet 1709.



Naval battle at Moen 1657 between a Danish fleet commanded by Henrik Bjelke and a swedish fleet commanded by admiral Bjelkenstierna. Battle neds 13 September with no winner.

Battle at Mysunde 1850 between Danes and Holstens. A messy battle witout a winner.

First flight in Denmark 1906 by Jacob Christian Ellehammer. 42 meters lenghts and o,5 meters above the ground. Actually first in Europe, but not recognized.

  14 Zealand peasants, who oppose taxes to the Holsteiners, are cut down by Count Gerhard at Torslunde Bridge in 1328.

Slave rebellion onboard the slaveship FRIDERICUS QUARTUS 1709 at Fort Christiansborg. The rebellion is defeated.

  16 Denmark´s Liberation Council was founded in 1943 in Copenhagen.
  17 The landing at  Rügen 1677. The Danish Fleet and Danish troops defeat the Swedes in a huge landing attack.
  19 The German forces arrest all Danish police in 1944. 2.000 policemen are sent to camps in Germany
  24 Battle at Nienburg 1625. The Danes commanded by King Christian IV defeat the Germans commanded by Tilly. First Danish contribution to the 30-years war.
  25 Battle at Stamford Bridge 1066. The English army lead by Harald Godwinsson defeats the Viking army lead by Harald Harderade. King Harald is killed in action. The English victory changes the English history because it leads to the English defeat at Hastings.

Last operative parade on the wooden frigatte "JUTLAND" 1925.

  26 Battle at Zarretin 1813 – second part.
  28 Battle at Lyrskov Moor near the city of Slesvig 1043. The Danish King Magnus (the Good) Olafsson defeats the Wends. Stories tell about more than 15.000 killed Wendics.

Battle at Kvistrum Bridge 1788. Danish victory over the Swedes.

  29 The Danish army captures Ratzeburg 1689 during and expedition against Lauenburg.
October 1 "Fyenske Geworbne Infanterie Regiment" is founded 1778. Later to become the Schleswig Foot regiment.

Battle of Sanct Croix 1878. Negro rebellion put down, 6 days later the first hangings.

  2 Naval Base Frederikshavn was established in 1962.
  3 Capture of Limerick 1691.
  4 Naval battle in Køge Bay 1710 between a danish fleet commanded by Ulrich Christian Gyldenløve (illegitemate son of King Christian IV) and a Swedish fleet commanded by Admiral Wachtmeister. The Danish ship of the line DANNEBROG blows up and 2 Swedish ships of the line burns. The Danes looses this non-decisive battle

The attack on Frederiksstad 1850. Schleswig-holstein forces commanded by the generals Willisen and von der Tann attack the city after several days bombardment. Danish forces commanded by Colonel Hans Helgesen reject the attack. Fierce battle, that from time to time is fought with lumps of grass and pieces of dirt.



The Cimbrer army defeats the Romans at Orange in 105 b.c.

The battle at Taphede 1334. Kings Christians son, Otto, is captured.

The attach on Ribenitz in 1675.



Battle at Taphede 1334. The german Count Gert defeat a danish force and captures the Danish Prince Otto.

Skirmish at Weisser Hirsch 1813.

  10 Battle at Brunkeberg 1471. Steen Stures Swedish peasant army defeat the Danish army of knights commanded by Christian I. Poor Danish command.

Danish sortie 1658 from the besieged Copenhagen commanded by the generals Gyldenløve and Ahlefeldt. The swedes run.

  12 Skirmish at Gudow 1813. Jutland Regiment Light Dragoons commanded by ritmester (captain) Engelsted beat the black Preussian hussars. Cavalry skirkish at Rosengarten where the Danish hussars defeat the Preussian-Russian hussars.

Battle at Mysunde 1850.



The naval action at Lolland 1644. The Danish fleet (17 ships) is defeated by a Swedish-Dutch fleet (44 ships). 14 Danish ships are lost.

The Danish United Nations stand-by Force is established in 1964.

  14 Battle at Hastings 1066. The Norman invasion force beat the English. Danes on both sides. Wilhelm (William) the Conqueror defeats the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinsson, who is killed in the battle.
  16 Battle at Svendstrup 1534. Skipper Clements peasant army beat the Jutland noblemen commanded by  Holger Holgersen Rosenkrans.

The brig ØRNEN (The Eagle) commanded by Lieutenant Commander C.L.C. Irmiger bombard the town Kiddy in Guinea. The Awuna-tribe surrender.

  18 The Danish viking army commanded by Canute defeats the English army commanded by Edmund at Ashingdon (Ashdon/Assadun) in 1016. England is divided between them.

Battle at Prinsensteen 1847.

  20 Battle at Axtorna 1565. The Danes commanded by Rantzau defeat the Swedish army conclusively. Brilliant Danish cavalry.
  21 The siege of Stockholm Castle 1501. The Danish queen Kristine with 1000 soldiers defend the castle against the Swedes until 9 May 1502.

The British steal the Danish Fleet in 1807. 15 ships of the line, 15 frigattes, 8 briggs and 38 other ships.

  23 Battle on Grathe Moor 1157. The two Danish kings Sven and Valdemar meet in battle. Valdemar (the Great) and Bishop Absalon wins and Valdemar becomes king of all Denmark. Sven escapes but is murdered by a peasant.

The assault on Liege 1702.

  24 Battle at Frederiks Point 1657. The Swedes commanded by Wrangel capture the newly built fortress.

A British naval squadron attacks Christians Island 1808 and is fought off.

UN-day (1945).

  29 The naval action in Oeresund 1659. A Dutch naval force commanded by Admiral Opdam beat a Swedish fleet and relieve Copenhagen.
  30 In the Vienna peace agreement in 1864 Denmark lost Slesvig, Holsten and Lauenburg to Preussia and Austria.
  31 Landing at Kerteminde 1659 by the The Royal Life Guard.
November 1 The massacre on All Saints Day 731.

King Arnulf defeats King Sigfred and King Gudfred at Louven in 891.

King Harald the 1st (Bluetooth) is killed and buried in Roskilde in 985.

"5. Jyske Nationale Rytterregiment" is established 1679. Later to become the Jutland Dragoon Regiment.

The Army Academy was established 1868. In  may 1869 the academy moved to Frederiksberg Palace, where it still is today.



The Danish Corps of Engineers is established 1684.


The Danish colonies in India are sold to the british Eastindia Company for 1.125.000 rigsdaler in 1845.
  8 The bloodbath in  Stockholm 1520. The Danish king Christian II execute 80 prominent Swedes, including 2 bishops.
  9 Halmstad is relieved 1563. The Danish king Frederik II relieves the besieged city Halmstad and then beat the Swedes at the Mared pass.
  11 Battle at Brobjerg on Fuenen 1357. King Valdemar is victorious.

The Wends declare war against King Valdemar the 4th in 1367.

  12 King Canute the 6th dies in 1202 and is succeded by his younger brother Duke Valdemar of Schleswig (later Valdemar the Victorious). At the very same day the Holstein fortress Segeberg surrenders to the Danish army.

The famous Danish hero Peter Tordenskjold (Thundershield) is killed in a duel against colonel Stäel von Holstein in Hildesheim in 1720.

  13 Sct. Brigids night 1002. The English king Ethelred murders all Danes in England. After a series of defeats the English were afraid to meet the Danes in combat.

The fortress Varberg is captured by the Danes in 1569. King Frederik II captures the very strong fortress, but loses General Rantzau.



Battle at  Nyborg 1659. The Danes commanded by General Schack retakes Nyborg from the Swedes. A Dutch naval force on Danish side was commanded by Admiral Buyter.


King Sven the 1st (Forkbeard) sails against England to drive King Ethelred out in 1013.


Rügen are captured by the Danish army in 1715.
  17 The national Danish army (militia) is recreated 1614. Christian IV by a royal decree.

"Sjællandske Kompagnie af Skaanske Knægte" is established 1614. Later to become the Zealand Life regiment, 1. January 2001 amalgamated with the Guard Hussars Regiment.

"Fynske Fenle Knægte af Jydske Regiment Landsfolk" is established 1614. Later to become the Fuenen Life regiment and 1. August 1991 incorporated in the Schleswig Foot regiment.

  22 The Danish army commander Marsk Stig Andersen murders Erik the 5th (Klipping) ni Finderup Barn on the night of  Sct. Cæcilie in 1286. Some consider this to be the Danish "Kennedy-murder".


Danes take Stralsund 1715. The Swedish king Carl XII escapes.

Negro rebellion in Charlotte Amalie på Sct. Jan i 1733. The rebellion is finally terminated by a French force commanded by Marquis de Longeville 24. April 1734.



Battle at Odense 1659. The Danes commanded by Schack beat the Swedes.
  29 Christoffer the 2nd looses the battle at Lohede in 1331.
  30 "Ebersteins Geworbne Regiment" is established 1657. Later to become the Prince´s Life Regiment.
December 4 Battle at  Lund 1676.

Battle at  Boden 1813.

  6 The battle at Alt Rahlstadt 1813.
  7 The Danish Life Regiment "Danske Livregiment" is established in 1763. In year 2000 it amalgamates with the Hussar Guards.

Battle at Bornhoeved 1813.

  8 The uprising on Bornholm 1658. The citizens throw the Swedes out and return the island to the Danish king.
  10 The battle at Sehested 1813. The Danish Auxiliary Corps beats the Swedes at Rendsburg.

On behalf of the Un peacekeeping forces the UN General Secretary Perez de Cuellar receives the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988.



"Generalitets- og Commando-Contoiret" is established 1789. Later to become Army Operational Command.


Peace settlement in Stettin 1570 ends the Nordic 7-years war beetween Denmark-Norway and Sweden.

The Danish army captures Wismar 1675.

  16 Last Danish UN-troops leave Cyprus in 1992 after 29 years of peacekeeping.
  18 The attack on Aalborg 1535. Christian III takes Aalborg, Skipper Clement escapes, but is captured and executed 9. september 1536.
  20 The battle at Gadebusch 1712. The Swedish army defeat the Danish army.
  23 The naval action at Stralsund 1715.


The frigate HAVFRUEN refuses British inspection of Danish merchant ships at Gibraltar 1799.


The Danish island Sct. Croix surrender to the British 1807. Occupation ends 1. April 1815.
  30 The fortress in Helsingborg surrender to the Swedish army 1676.
  31 The Bornholm Marine Regiment is established 1680. The regiment is shut down medio 2000.

Denmark annex 1756 the island Great Nicobar in the Bengal Bay and found the colony New Denmark. The colony is later abandoned.

Denmark hand over the territories in Guinea to the British in 1849. This includes the fortresses Christiansborg, Augustaborg, Fredensborg, Kongensten and Prinsensten.

Skirmish at Möllhorst 1850.

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