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Academic profile

The University of Bergen is a research university with a high international profile that is committed to academic and research excellence. It emphasises basic research, research-based teaching and the development of academic disciplines.

The university encourages an environment of freedom of speech and openness where men and women can engage in knowledge-based and critical reflection while contributing to the advancement of knowledge.

In addition research and education in the traditional university disciplines, the academic profile of the University of Bergen has two major focuses: marine research and co-operation with developing countries:

Marine research
Development research


Prospective Students
International Students
Doctoral training
International relations
Department of Research Management

National Centres of ExcellenceCentre of Excellence:
Bjerknes Center for Climate Research
Centre for Geobiology
Centre for Integraded Petroleum Research
Centre for Medieval Studies

Nordic Centres of Excellence
MitoHealth Centre for Bioactive Food Components and Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases
Nordic Centre for Medieval Studies (NCMS)








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