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October 04, 2005

What's Upcoming at Yahoo! Local

As readers of the Yahoo! Search blog know, our vision is a far-reaching one -- to enable people to find, use, share, and expand all human knowledge.

Events are a particularly exciting area of human knowledge -- chock full of rich local, social, and temporal data. People want to find out what's going on near them, know what their friends are seeing and doing, and plan their outings. And they want to do it when they want, wherever they are, on any device, in a way that's relevant to them.

Today we've taken a big step toward helping users in this area. We've acquired upcoming.org, a leader in this emerging space.

In just a few years, most of it spent on nights and weekends, the Upcoming team has built an excellent site with a loyal and growing following. Now that they�ve joined Yahoo!, together we�ll build a social events platform that will integrate with our existing events offering and other areas of Y!, and will continue to support all web users in an open, participatory way.

I can't wait to see what the team will pull off once they're working full-time and fully backed by the people and assets at Yahoo!. We expect big things to happen, and look forward to updating you on progress.

For additional thoughts directly from the source, take a look at posts from Andy, Gordon, and Leonard.

Paul Levine
GM, Yahoo! Local


Okay, this was somehow expectable. I don't know what to think of this, since I like the idea of having good Web 2.0 applications in the hand of non-commerical people. However, since Google has become very powerful this balances things out, and even better MSN is now playing only a diminishing role. Congratulations to the Yahoo!-Team for a wise decision, but please respect the spirit of the social component of sites like this.

Buy me, too. ;-)

Sweet! Yahoo is really making some great strides in the eyes of many bloggers. Keep up the good work!

It's great to see Yahoo spot these sorts of wonderful web resources and realize their value. Upcoming.org is a spectacular idea that has gained quite a following, but I think that Yahoo will help bring it to the next level and help attract more users.

Good luck to all involved!

Yahoo! has acquired some great companies recently, IMHO. Flickr and now Upcoming.

Now if you could just add some features to upcoming: private calendars and more event/rsvp management like evite.

Well, actually I thought Yahoo had a better chance of buying evite than upcoming.org, well I did not know about 'upcoming' anyway. Probably a nice deal.

Yahoo has consolidated its position with some massive buyout deals in the past. Buying sites for 100 millions in some cases and a billion in Ovreture's case.

Flickr, Konfabulator, Upcoming etc are smaller deals. This seems to be a new trend now. Yahoo is trying to add functionality to there websites by acquiring smaller teams running small websites that do not cost much - or atleast so I think.

Well I say, good job.

Excellent. Congrats to all!!

Is www.rsscalendar.com is next for Google, Yahoo or MSN

I guess Upcoming.org will soon be part of yahoo 360 as well :)

Yahoo has, hands down, outpaced Google in local search.

Wow... yahoo is acquiring the best companies...
what next...writely ?

Please use this deal to add functionality to upcoming.org and obliterate (Kill! Kill!) Evite. I'd like to never need to visit that website again.

I am very excited by this Blog thing....anyways we need information about whats going on around us.Local blog will solve this...Its very impressive from yahoo to come up ......

I have a good site for Paul Levine to take a look at.
It is local, within budget and has tremendous growth potential.


Kudos to Paul, Andy, Gordon, Leonard and the rest who made this deal happen - Upcoming.org has been a great additional tool for us to help our clients reach localized online "event-goers" and groupings!

Much Respect,

David Flint
Founder, http://TechVenue.com
Since 1998, Your Venue for Business Technology Events, News and Networking

how can I get my local-serving site recognized by Yahoo's blog search?
- thank you


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