Tom Watson: Manager (1896-1915)
Other Clubs as Manager : Sunderland
Honours: 2 LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS 1900-01, 1905-06
RUNNERS UP FA Cup - 1914-15
Previously manager of Sunderland's 'Team of all Talents', where he won three first division championship medals for the club. Tom Watson was unquestionably one of the great figures of the early days of the Football League, and was a tremendous 'catch' for Liverpool. John McKenna was responsible for convincing this highly able man that his future lay at Anfield and his judgement was richly rewarded.
Watson twice brought the League Championship to Anfield and also took Liverpool to their first ever FA Cup final. One of Watson's finest signings was the fiery Scotsman Alex Raisbeck, who was widely held to be the finest Scottish international of his generation. Raisbeck's caps and a rare pink and yellow Scotland shirt reside in the Club Museum as testimony to this day.

Watson lived for at least part of his time as Secretary/manager of Liverpool at 106 Domingo Vale and then moved even closer to the ground in 1910 when he resided at 246 Anfield Road.

Watson worked hard for the war effort during 1914-15, encouraging 1 player, 2 directors sons and a great number of shareholders to enlist, and the playing staff donating 12.5% of their salaries to the war. Over £500 was collected at the ground and 18 footballs sent to the trenches to help morale, whilst servicemen were admitted for free into the ground.

Watson died in May 1915 and at his funeral took place on the 11th, the coffin was carried by Alex Raisbeck, Teddy Doig, Goddard, Wilson, Parry, Fleming and Robinson as well as the club trainer William Connell. He is buried at Anfield Cemetery.

Born: April 1859, Heaton Died: May 1915


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