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Asian Games 2006, Doha
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Mascot of Asian Games 2006

Every major competitive event ought to have a mascot of its own. It symbolizes the very being of that particular event. The mascot of Asian Games 2006 is Orry, a Qatari Oryx.

This cute Asian Games 2006 mascot is known to be a great sports lover. Also, he is believed to be the friendliest of all Qatari animals and hence has been chosen by the Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee (DAGOC) as the mascot of Asian Games 2006.

Orry is the true representative of the spirit of Doha, the venue for the 15th Asian Games. Orry sends out the message of peace, commitment and fun at the Games.

Fans will find Orry hobnobbing from one stadium to another during the 15-day schedule of Asian Games 2006. He is of special enthusiasm to kids who want to touch him and play with him.

To popularize Orry as the mascot of Asian Games 2006, the DAGOC has come up with quite a few interesting promotion techniques. Fans can send Orry e-cards through the official website of the Doha Asian Games 2006. More than ten in number, these e-cards are simple yet attractive, and can be cool 'gifts'.

The Asian Games 2006 mascot Orry's images can also be downloaded as desktop wallpapers. Adorning your computer screens, Orry will keep reminding you about the grandness of the upcoming Games.

So, when you travel to Doha, you might just bump into Orry on the roads, shopping centers, stadiums and hotels in Doha. As the official mascot of Asian Games 2006, Orry is here, there, everywhere.

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