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Rakau Reader

Want to gain rewards for your reading??? Become a North Shore Libraries Rākau Reader !!!

If you are aged between 5 - 12 years and enjoy reading and visiting a library then join our Rākau Reader Club and earn rewards for the time you spend reading.

You can become a Rākau Reader at any time and complete one or all levels. Just come into your local North Shore Library with your Mum or Dad and ask to become a Rākau Reader!! Bring your library card with you or join the library then.
As a new member you start with your name on a green leaf on our Rākau tree. Your aim is to advance through bronze, silver, and gold levels, just like an Olympic champion! Watch your leaves change colour and collect your rewards.

What do you need to do?

You need to do regular reading to achieve each new leaf, for example 15 minutes per day. You decide how much reading you can do and there is no time limit to finish. As a suggestion, if you're 6, a goal of 10 hours for your bronze leaf would be good. However, if you're 10 why not try for 25 hours? It's your choice.
Your Rākau Reading should always include some North Shore Library books but homework reading counts too.
You will also need to keep a log and visit the library up to 4 times per leaf.

So why not go into your library today and become a Rākau Reader.



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