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- Ohanami


In Japan, sakura, or the cherry blossom, starts blooming in March in the south and the "blossom line" moves all the way north through April and May. People go out to view and appreciate the blossoms. This is called Ohanami. Let's get on the Internet and find out what it is all about.  


 The following is a collection of links to Hinamatsuri web pages
 specially and carefully selected for teachers and students of Japanese.

About Ohanami   お花見について

Site 1
Good brief explanation of Ohanami in English at the " Kids Web Japan" website.
Site 2 Hanami web page in English at the "" website.
Site 3 Hanami web page in English at the "WikiPedia" website.
Site 4 A personal but interesting Ohanami experience in English by an American from the "" website.
Site 5 History of Ohanami in Japanese at the "Smart Garden" website.
Site 6 Ohanami web pages in Japanese at the "All About" website.
Site 7 Ohanami page in Japanese at the "ウィキペディア" website.
Site 8 Brief explanation of ohanami in Japanese at the "ひろしま通訳・ガイド協会" website.
Site 9 The National Cherry Blossom Festival (Washington, D.C., US) website
Site 10 This page describes what happens at ohanami with some practical cautions (in English, "Tanu Tech" website).
Site 11 "How to do cherry blossom viewing?" page at the "" website (in Japanese).
Site 12 Historical information on sakura (桜・花見について) at the "平安大事典−歴史と文化" website (in Japanese).
Site 13 An essay titled "The Cherry Blossom in Heian Waka poetry" at the "" website (in English).
Site 14 "お花見情報2007 - Regional sakura blooming information by prefecture" from the "エキサイト(Excite)" website (updated daily from March 1 to April 27). The following is the translation for the legend:
Site 15 A press release on an Internet Survey on Ohanami (お花見に関する意識調査 - 平成16年3月17日) at the "アサヒビール (Asahi Breweries)" website, which was conducted in March 2004. There are some interesting results in the survey, which was responded by 1540 Japanese people of age over 20.
To the question "Are you planning to go to Ohanami this year?", 24.3% answered "I will definitely go" and 34.8% answered "I haven't decided yet but I think I will", which means that almost 60% of those who responded have the intention to go to Ohanami. If you add the 29.9% who answered "I would like to go if I get a chance", almost 90% of the respondents plan to go to Ohanami.

To the question "With whom would you like to go to Ohanami?", 56.7% answered "with my family", followed by 26.6% who answered "with my friends". 7.4% answered "with colleagues at work" and 4.4% answered with "こいびと".

To the question "What are you looking forward to at Ohanam?", 35.0% answered "enjoying the cherry blossoms" whereas 25.4% answered "drinking while watching cherry blossoms" and 13.5% answered "eating tasty things while watching cherry blossoms".
There are some more interesting results in the survey. Grade 11 & 12/Year 11 & 12 students should be able to read the release.

Ohanami photos   花見の写真

Site 16
Beautiful sakura photos from many parts of Japan at the "
全国お花見ガイド 投稿写真ギャラリー" page of "goo" website. Go to this page and click on any thumbnails to enlarge it. There are also different areas listed. Click an area and click any thumbnail on the page.
Site 17 /
Site 18
Some ohanami party/picnic photos (and how-to-ohanami-party articles) at the "web マガジン「マカロニ・アンモナイト」" website
Site 19 Sakura photos from different places at the "FNS列島桜中継" webpage of the "" website.
Site 20 A webpage with photos of sakura in ordinary places (not in parks) - an interesting perspective - at the "Angus Tin" website. Click on each photo to enlarge it.
Site 21 Virtual yozakura web page. "Yo-zakura kenbutsu", or night-time cherry blossom viewing, is also very popular. People go to see sakura that are illuminated after dark. Go to this page and click on one of the two photos to start a series of "yozakura photos". From "桜便り" website.  

Ohanami activities   お花見のアクティビティ

Site 22
Hanami paper craft
- Downloadable hanami paper craft with assembly instructions in English at the "Yamaha Motor Company" website. Very nice.
Site 23 Try to catch as many falling sakura petals as possible by moving the cup held by the funny guy to where the petals come down. Click on the middle part of the picture to start the game, then you need to move the arrow (pointer) to the direction where you want and click. (Shock wave plug-in required)
Site 24 MIDI Music file of "さくらさくら" at the "Classic MIDI Reinmusik" website. You can either download the file and play it again later, or go back to this page and listen to the music again. To download, click on "ダウンロード" and save the file to where you want. Once you saved the file, you can play it by clicking on the file icon.
Site 25 MP3 file of "さくらさくら" at the "" website. This page has the lyrics in Romaji and its English translation.
Site 26 Hanami eCard ("ポスカ グリーティングカード" website) - Make an Ohanami eCard and send it to your friend.

お花見 ワークシート(日本語)
Ohanami Worksheet (English)


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