Another day another loss for Bears

A night of sloppy offense drops the Bears to 0-7 in Valley road games. Shooting 8-29 on 3-pointers and 36% overall couldn’t get it done against 2nd place Illinois State.

The Redbirds were led by Osiris Eldridge with 24 points. Devin and Fury each scored 12 for the Bears.

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Can’t wait to hear how Barry blames his players for being unprepared and playing without emotion.


Fire Barry!


Gottlieb Backs Hinson writer Doug Gottlieb has come to the defense of Barry after perceived attacks in the News-Leader.

From the article (you have to be an Insider for to access)

Speaking of coaches: Barry Hinson keeps fighting for his job at Missouri State, and the fight is getting more intense. Missouri State has had two of the three best RPIs ever and was left out of the tourney during that stretch. A local paper ran a three-page story on his future and then did not show up at an impromtu presser in which Hinson said he would not quit. I understand this biz and that Missouri State has a new arena on the way and a new president at the school (two of the three nails in the coffin for a struggling coach), but Barry Hinson is far too good a man to be treated as such. If he is to be fired, fine. Pay him his money, and he will get another job. But the open vitriol for a man that has been very solid, with the tournament as an exception, is the kind of treatment that others in coaching do not forget.

The News-Leader’s Kyle Neddenreip wrote up a concise response yesterday. In his article

I understand Gottlieb has a forum with a wide readership and he’s certainly more than entitled to his opinion, but to call the three stories that ran last week “open vitriol” is misleading if not entirely inaccurate. Our job as reporters is to write about what the community is talking about and Hinson’s future is at the top of the list right now. The fact that one of the stories centered on Hinson admitting as much should say enough.

I’m not sure how much Doug Gottlieb knows about Missouri State basketball but we haven’t made the tournament since Barry got here. His appearances in the media have put an embarrassing rednecky face on the University. We currently stand at 8th place in the Valley and our talent level for next year will be as bad as it ever has. Does any of this justlfy questioning the job Barry has done here? Apparently not according to Gottlieb. I think there’s a growing fanbase that would tend to disagree.

Fire Barry!

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Bears run UNI off the court

The Bears finally get back on track by getting the jump on the Panthers and never looking back finishing with a 71-54 win. This ends a 4 game Missouri State losing streak.

As always the News-Leader caught Barry at his most quotable:

“Everybody needed this,” Hinson said. “Our fans, our student body, our players, our staff, our families. We couldn’t go to the doctor’s office and get a shot that’s better than what happened tonight.”

Ok now he’s just speaking gibberish.

Dale Lamberth scored 20 points and Drew Richards returned to the starting lineup after an 8 game absence.

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Fire Barry!

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Bears get scalped; play-in game becomes a possibility

The Bradley Braves had their way with the Bears last night and held onto a 17 point halftime lead to win 83-71 in Peoria. After slogging through a 19 point first half MSU somehow lit up the scoreboard with 52 points in the 2nd. Of course they still gave up 47 points that half but still it was an impressive display.

Bradley’s Daniel Ruffin led all scorers with 25 points while Devin Mitchell led the Bears with 17. Dale Lamberth chipped in a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds.

With this loss State drops to 4-8 in conference just ahead of Wichita and Evansville (two teams we’ve already lost to). I’m really hoping we can avoid the play-in game and start the conference tournament on Friday. Partly because the play-in would be embarrassing but mostly because I enjoy taking Friday off from work and getting drunk at 9am. So go Bears!

Quote from Barry Hinson in the News-Leader:

“I don’t know who that team was that showed up in the first half,” MSU coach Barry Hinson said. “You’ve got to give Bradley credit, but we played scared.”

Again Barry throws the team under the bus and practically admits he can’t motivate the team. But whatever we’ve heard it all before - blah, blah…

7 more games and our long Barry nightmare is over!

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Fire Barry!

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Bears lose another close one.

The Bears dropped another conference game with a 64-63 loss to Illinois St Saturday. Two Dom “Not Don” Johnson free throws with 25 seconds left sealed it for the Redbirds who improve to 16-6 and 8-3. Johnson led the way with 23 points.

Dale Lamberth was tops for the Bears with 20 points. MSU drops to 11-12 and 4-7.

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Are we fan-tanking yet?

Fire Barry!

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Best of the Rants

From the beginning this little website has been polarizing. It all started last March with the original post, It’s about time!. Since then people have been leaving comments either strongly supporting or strongly condemning Barry Hinson. Many of these diatribes have become the stuff of legend. Today we are showcasing the Best of the Rants.

On the Anti-Barry side:

From Disgruntled Fan

Please fire Barry Hinson ASAP. We need to get a young proven coach that can recruit outside the ozark area or even the state for christ sake. Or maybe a coach that leaves a player in for longer than one play. Or how bout a coach that doesn’t blow a second half lead consistently. Or a coach that will call a timeout before letting a team go on a 18-2 run! How bout make it to the tourney just 1 time in 8 years in a confrence that consistently gets 2 bids. John Q. Hammons if you are reading this god willing I hope you do. Please don’t let Barry Hinson coach in your new 60 million $ areana your building in Springfield. He could really ruin a great stepping stone to forget the Barry Hinson era. Barry and his STOMP need to coach the 8th grade girls team back in OK.

From Hondo

Barry must go or our tradition will totally go. He has been a drain on our program, funding, and expectations. It’s sad that we still have him lowering our expectations. Amazingly there are many that are excited that we go to the NIT. That is why he has to go.

From Kirk

It has come down to a simple choice, Keep Barry - No more season tickets for me, no more donations to the athletic department….Not a ton of money but if a lot of people like me that have season tickets and donate a few Hundred dollars every year pull back support they will feel it.

Barry goes….I continue to buy tickets, and up my donations accordingly.

Thank you

and from BearFan98

It’s evident the players do not respect this coach. That’s why there is lack of intensity and passion. Barry may be trying to prepare, but perhaps the players are tired of hearing. It’s time for a change!

On the pro-Barry side there hasn’t been a more zealous, uninformed, nonsensical rant than the one BarryFan ripped off recently:

Ya know it’s pretty pathetic that you all spend so much time tearing apart another human being. Think about this, do you perform your job perfectly? Do you do your job the way that everyone else thinks you should do it? Are you completely successful everyday? Do you ever mess up? I don’t believe that anyone should be bashed the way that you all sit around and bash him. He doesn’t play the games, he doesn’t control the players every move. He is the coach…NOT the players! All he can do is prepare them for the game…and put it into their hands.

Go find another hobby and stop pointing out another persons flaws…look at your own. How do you think this site makes his family feel? You are about as low as people get. Yeah so the Bears aren’t doing so hot, but why tear apart the coach for it? Is it really THAT imporatnt to you? In 10 years none of this is going to matter…you’ll look back and see that you completely wasted your time. The players respect Coach Hinson…that’s what matters. He is a man who is worthy of respect…he has integrity and character and in our country that is hard to come by. Let’s be glad that that Coach Hinson is teaching these guys not just basketball, but how to be men with character.

Get a life and go bash someone else. Please…this is old.

Wow! Honestly, barryfan do you and Hinson go to the same church or something? Or are you his Dad? Seriously even if you like Barry you can’t honestly think he’s doing a good job? Right?

I really enjoy reading these so everyone please step up and pound out your best pro- or anti-Barry rant and I’ll showcase the best ones soon.

Get started here

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Slip sliding away…

Wichita St took it’s turn with Bears and sent ‘em home with a 70-62 loss in overtime. I don’t even know what to say about this one. You’d think after that embarrassing loss to Evansville which had no Valley wins we would come out fired up for this game. No such luck as we lose to the Shockers who up to this point had won a grand total of one conference game. This team won’t play for Barry Hinson anymore that part is quite evident.

PJ Couisnard scored 18 points to lead WSU which climbed to 9-12 and 2-8. Chris Cooks scored 20 for the Bears as they drop to 11-11 and 4-6.


See the box and Recap.

Fire Barry!

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Reaction Time

Lots of chatter after this weekend’s debacle against Evansville. Losing to a last place and winless team will do that.

A sampling:

» Pam Clark writes an article in the News-Leader titled MSU becoming tough to watch which basically calls out the Bears for playing unprepared and with little intensity.

» Nice chat going on over at the Bear-Nation BB. Sports Radio on the Monday After and a personal favorite The Official Fire Barry Thread.

» A copycat site has popped up.
Hey it’s a little amateurish but I agree 100% with the sentiment. The more the merrier I say!

» user TODDONE rips off an epic rant in the Bears get bent over post.

“I can’t remember, even when Bernson was coach, a MORE PATHETIC display than this game…..No, wait a minute, I can think of other games under Hinson that would match this. I’ve tried to block out those memories, but Barry refuses to let me. Thanks, JACKASS!”

Well played sir!

» An article in the Evansville Courier & Press describing how Jason Holsinger shot the Bears full of “tranquilizer darts by the dozens” while also quoting Barry Hinson as he throws his team under the bus once again:

“I guarantee you our staff didn’t take this game lightly, but our players did”

Fire Barry!

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Bears get bent over

Well the Bears finally outdid themselves by losing to the last place team in the Valley 84-65. Evansville had not posted a Valley win all year and this is the second year in a row we have lost at Evansville.

Terrible effort, terrible defense, terrible coaching. This is getting embarrassing. Yeah we’re not great but when you can’t even get your team within 15 points of the worst team in the Valley something has to be done!

Fury and Lamberth both had 14 for the Bears. Jason Holsinger had 28 for Evansville which shot 12/22 from behind the arc.

See the box and recap.




Barry Photoshops

Barry tries on his big boy suit….

Barry Hinson

It’s funny because , ya’know, he’s short. Uh, yeah….

Got any good Barry Art? Wanna make some? Send it to me and I’ll post it here.

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